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Fug or Fab: Ginnifer Goodwin

You have to give Ginnifer Goodwin a hand for managing to coordinate her dress with the Comic-Con logo:

You also have to give her a hand for managing to find something that looks like what Tinkerbell would wear if Peter Pan were rebooted and set in, like, Hipster-Land (I suspect that, in that version of the story, Peter himself would just be an early 30-something dude who doesn’t really want to get a job and wears shorts to inappropriate places, like funerals and Easter brunch with your grandma. And Wendy eventually just gets really irritated with him and dumps him for Captain Hook, who is prone to paranoia, but runs a tight ship at work and knows how to properly employ a coat. And Tink here spends the rest of her life telling Peter that if he doesn’t start thinking about things like their 401k and what to do with the fact that the sewer main between their tree house and the street is broken, she’s going to take some poison. And all their friends are like, “they throw great parties, but MY GOD are those two drama queens.”).

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All The Fuggle Ladies

I love Beyonce. The face is pure beauty shot, like she’s on the cover of Allure, and the body is posing for the section of the Victoria’s Secret catalog with really complicated lingerie that requires some sort of advanced degree to remove. Like it’s a puzzle, or an Amazing Race roadblock: Figure out which string to pull to make the whole thing disappear.


The Fuggias

I always call these things toilet-paper trains.

Seriously, there is nothing more pointless to me than looking like you got something caught in your panties, unless that thing which got caught in your panties is Jon Hamm. Otherwise, where is the design in this? She doesn’t even look like she should be at a fashion designers’ event. This is not CFDA; this is JS:UT, otherwise known as Jersey Shore: Urine Time.


Sol-Fugel and the Hadley Street Fugs

I wish Beyonce would throw her sister a bone. Come on, Bey, do a duet with Solange and give us all what we’ve been craving: the sight of you two, together, out-nutballing each other on-stage in a battle to the pain — Princess Bride-style, but with clothes — for the higher Fug Madness seeding.

Still, I have to hand it to Solange.

When life throws her lemons, she makes casual separates.

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Fug or Fab: Jessica Chastain

So, Jessica Chastain is about to hit it big, potentially — I’d never heard of her, but suddenly here she is, with The Help coming in 2011 alongside The Tree of Life and a two other projects, and two other biggies for 2012, including one by Terence Malick. And it’s certainly something of a coming-out party to debut at Cannes alongside Sean “Bouffant” Penn and Brad “Ewffant” Pitt, neither of whom let her out of their (somewhat creepy-looking) sights during the entire premiere. But how has she done on the red carpet? Let’s take a look at her three Cannes events, and what the hell, we’ll throw in the Met Ball too. Welcome to the spotlight, kiddo.

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Well Played, Kirsten Dunst

Hot damn, Kiki. Good dress, good makeup, great skin, big smiles… I AM BACK IN, my friend.

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