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Sol-Fugel and the Hadley Street Fugs

I wish Beyonce would throw her sister a bone. Come on, Bey, do a duet with Solange and give us all what we’ve been craving: the sight of you two, together, out-nutballing each other on-stage in a battle to the pain — Princess Bride-style, but with clothes — for the higher Fug Madness seeding.

Still, I have to hand it to Solange.

When life throws her lemons, she makes casual separates.

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Fug or Fab: Jessica Chastain in Zac Posen

So, Jessica Chastain is about to hit it big, potentially — I’d never heard of her, but suddenly here she is, with The Help coming in 2011 alongside The Tree of Life and a two other projects, and two other biggies for 2012, including one by Terence Malick. And it’s certainly something of a coming-out party to debut at Cannes alongside Sean “Bouffant” Penn and Brad “Ewffant” Pitt, neither of whom let her out of their (somewhat creepy-looking) sights during the entire premiere. But how has she done on the red carpet? Let’s take a look at her three Cannes events, and what the hell, we’ll throw in the Met Ball too. Welcome to the spotlight, kiddo.

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Well Played, Kirsten Dunst

Hot damn, Kiki. Good dress, good makeup, great skin, big smiles… I AM BACK IN, my friend.

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SAG Awards Well Played: Rosario Dawson

I had fears with this one.

Specifically, when I first saw it, I thought, “Oh, God, it’s like her skirt got tucked in her waistband when she was in the bathroom and nobody told her.” But dammit if Rosario doesn’t look kind of awesome anyway. I love the shoes with it, I think the color is perfect with her skin tone, and the pop of color in her earrings is cool. I never really believe these people when they say, “Oh, this dress is super comfortable,” because I can’t imagine any of these being comfortable when you are trying to drink and eat dinner and drink and socialize and drink and present things and drink and run to the bathroom and drink. But with this, I buy it.


Golden Globes Fug Carpet: Shiri Appleby

It’s hard to tell where Shiri’s hair stops and her necklace starts.

Shiri Appleby

All I know is, seeing all that hair on a mustard-colored dress reminds me of the time I FOUND a really long black hair — aka, not mine — in my Burger King cheeseburger, and thus this outfit never stood a chance.


Golden Globes Fug or Fab Carpet: Kyra Sedgwick

KYRA SEDGWICK: We’re awesome.

KEVIN BACON: If we break up, people will FREAK.


KEVIN: You’re right. We’re awesome.

KYRA: Can we talk about my outfit?

KEVIN: You look like the summer version of Michelle Williams’s Oscar dress, except not as a good and maybe as envisioned by CostPlus World Market. Remember back in the 90s when they sold those awesome crinkly skirts that later turned out to be HIGHLY FLAMMABLE?

KYRA: That’s not a very nice compliment.

KEVIN: It wasn’t TOTALLY a compliment.

KYRA: I don’t want to fight.


KYRA: Let’s vote:

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A word to the wise, Taylor Swift:

[Photo: Splash News]

When you’re dating Jake Gyllenhaal — presumably for press — it’s probably in your best interest to avoid aping the Yellow Dress/Red Shoes combo so strongly associated with Reese Witherspoon, the most famous blonde who recently dated Jake Gyllenhaal presumably for press. You’re adorable, and this is cute enough, but we all know Reese Withersoon, and you, darling, are no Reese Witherspoon.

That being said, I’m looking forward to hearing your song, “I’m No Reese Witherspoon,” and I suggest the following rhymes: “bearding buffoon,” “troublesome pantaloon,”  and, in ode to our Intern, “Love the Cloon(s).”  You can feel free to make the check out to The Fug Girls.