Fug File: VMAs

VMAs Fug Carpet: Miley Cyrus

This feels like leftover Gwen Stefani from 2001, reheated in the microwave of a Claire’s Accessories, and then served up in a Bollywood Grease remake. Except not as awesome.

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VMAs Who Fugged or Fabbed It More? Katy Perry vs. Coco Rocha, plus Well Played, Coco

I have NO IDEA who decided it would be a good idea for Katy Perry to wear something to the VMAs that Coco Rocha already wore to the Met Ball, but WHY would you set yourself up to be in a Who Wore It Better with COCO ROCHA??!?! That is not going to end well unless you are, like, Karlie Kloss and possibly not even then. It just feels like setting one’s self up for failure.

Who do you think wore it better? Get your judgement on in the comments, please.

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VMAs Fug WTFpet: Erin Wasson Strikes Again

Erin Wasson is BACK. On several levels.

To paraphrase a Fug National on Twitter, there is more fabric on her head than on her rump. If it helps, her nipples are not hanging out… biut the rest of her is, so be warned:

She should get ‘NSFW’ tattooed on her chest


VMAs Bump Carpet: Amber Rose

Apparently the VMAs is becoming the place to announce your baby joy. First Beyonce did it last year, and now Amber Rose is in on the action.

Now that she’s public, we expect some seriously Fug Madness-worthy maternity garments from her. The suffocating black vines are an intriguing start, but it’s not loony enough. We want vintage Amber Rose, but with more topography. Where are the pregnancy catsuits? Why isn’t her bump swaddled in string? Is she at LEAST  having someone knit the baby a matching chain-mail bodysuit? Do not forsake us, Amber. Your baby may need you but so do we.

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VMAs Fug Carpet: Katy Perry

Katy Perry and I are making the exact same underwhelmed face right now:

“Maybe I should have worn something less transparent this time,” she seems to be thinking. “Also, why does this have a giant leather bow on it? Also, why is it so haphazardly mosaic, like the bottom of a half-finished pool? Also, if I stare at this long enough, why do I keep seeing a deflated Mickey Mouse in it? Is that the universe mocking me for never having made The Mickey Mouse Club? I tried, Universe. I would have been amazing dancing with a tiny Justin Timberlake. Or even a larger Justin Timberlake. Maybe I should call Justin Timberlake. That Biel thing is never going to happen, no matter how much white she wears. Shoot. Maybe I should have worn white. I am just going to go home and start over.”


VMAs Fug or Fab: Taylor Swift

I guess?

But white is not her color. It makes her look so sickly that if you plonked her in front of me and told me she was a mannequin who could come to life and dance around department stores with Andrew McCarthy, I would sit there and wait for the “alive” part to start.

Are you with me?

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