Fug File: Twilight

Teen Choice Awards Fugs and Fabs: The Twilight Trio

Two out of three ain’t bad.



Fugs and Fabs: Twilight at ComicCon

I hope they use this as their engagement photo someday.

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New York Fugshion Week: Day Two

“You’d best be able to pay the rent, my pretty.”

Seriously, we saw Kellan Lutz’s facial hair in person at Tommy Hilfiger’s menswear show (along with Bradley Cooper and Victor Cruz) and it is VILLAINOUS. In kind of a delightful way, and in fact, now I find HIM newly delightful. Apparently all it takes is a nefarious veneer and I’m in.

Other hits from Day Two:

Cheyenne Jackson’s eyes are a tractor beam of awesome.

We’ve decided to start a rumor that Elle is putting Beverly Johnson on the cover again. Because that would rule.

– Angela Simmons brought a dog to Charlotte Ronson’s show. And the fact that her dog was sitting next to more celebs (or “celebs”) than Gina Gershon was is a tragedy.


Twilight: Fugclipse

So, here’s the thing. I think Nikki Reed’s outfit here is actually super cute, if a little bit I Just Spent Six Weeks in Sedona, And Boy Are My Inner Eyes Open:

And I don’t generally think couples need to — or should — make sure they’re all coordinated before they leave the house. But these two standing together look like the D List answer to this millennium’s current lack of Magic Eye posters. Those two patterns, cheek-by-jowl (or, I guess more accurately nipple-by-nipple), are giving me a seizure and I DON’T HAVE THE TIME, kids.


People’s Choice Awards Fug Carpet: Ashley Greene

Look, Ashley, this may not even be your fault.

I have no idea what fabric that is (although I do know I ought not be able to see your navel with such stark definition). But it looks rubbery in the light. And aside from thinking this entire head-to-toe look is heavy and dull and dreary, I have also watched way too much American Horror Story (spoilers forthcoming) not to immediately associate “looks rubbery in the light” with “Hey, look, that’s Rubber Man murdering someone/impregnating someone with a rage baby.” You definitely do not want to look like the girl running a fundraising car wash for that guy so he can get the suit cleaned of criminal effluvia.

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Fug or Fab: Nikki Reed

There’s something about the boldness of this that appeals to me.

But between the color and the jagged cutouts — slimming though they are — I keep hallucinating that I’m driving in a foreign country and have come across a road sign that’s desperate to warn me about SOMETHING, but because I don’t speak the international language of caution, I can’t suss it out. That story will probably end in tears.

This one didn’t:

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