Fug File: stripes

Rifug Orfug

Stella McCartney designed this, which is clearly her ideal of what prison jumpsuits should look like.

And the first person to wear it should have BEEN Stella, in that prison, paying for her many crimes — which include the existence of this pleated, unflattering, human-crosswalk atrocity. Somebody at least turn this into something USEFUL by making Rita lie down near a school zone.

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Please Don’t Fug The Music

When I saw this, I could not stop giggling. She looks like an inmate at the David Byrne Prison for Psycho Killers on a Road To Nowhere After Burning Down The House.

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Molly Quinn here is on Castle. I don’t watch Castle, but I do Cougar Town it — which is Heather’s and my slang for only watching the first minute of a show because it’s been DVRed on the end of something else you actually do watch. Obviously, this originated because we were each only watching the snippet of Cougar Town that came on after Modern Family, but it’s a very useful turn of phrase. I’m currently Cougar Towning a bunch of stuff and you would be surprised how easily a person can follow a show by watching only the first minute of every episode:

All that being said, I might do more than Cougar Town Castle now that I know it apparently has a mime on it.


SAG Awards Red Carpet Well Played: Hailee Steinfeld

During the awards, I got a text from Heather — YES SOMETIMES WE ARE NOT IN THE SAME ROOM (but never fear, we remain in communication if something happens that the other person needs to know about, like one of us has a really good sandwich) — and it said, “I both love Hailee’s dress and think it looks like an Ikea bedspread. ” I replied that I ALSO loved it, and yet was reminded of a fabulous beach towel. And then we agreed that in spite of this, the dress is great and she is fabulous, and that, Fug Nation, is about the size of it:

How cute is this? I think she’s my best-dressed of the night for the second awards ceremony in a row. (It is Prada, in case you’re wondering who makes something that’s both REALLY CUTE and sort of reminiscent of a variety of linens, in a way that is not actually an insult.) I just think it’s so, so charming: graphic and bold and very age-appropriate. I love that it has straps — it makes it so much younger — and I think the colors are so youthful but not at all cutesy. I would love it as a bath towel, yes, but I REALLY love it as a dress. She’s been looking so fantastic lately that now I’m getting nervous about the Oscars. You know, like say your college basketball team is really, really good. And you get toward the end of the season and you’re undefeated. Contrary to what you may believe, this is kind of a bad thing. I hate being undefeated, because the pressure — THE PRESSURE — is just too much and you start thinking that you’re GOING to lose eventually, but you’re heading into the tournament in March and if you lose then, you’re OUT, so MY GOD, you need to lose a game just so that it’s OVER with and that shoe doesn’t drop when it really, really counts. So what I’m saying is, I kind of hope she shows up to a pre-Oscar party wearing a live chicken on her head and a pair of leather booty shorts, so we can all get it out of the way and really bring it February 27th.


People’s Choice Awards Well Played: Ashley Benson

I presume Ashley Benson here was at the PCA for Pretty Little Liars, unless they’re giving out awards for Best Actress Killed By a Martini Olive In a Film Featuring Chad Michael Murray (which would be awesome):

Whatever she’s there in support of, I am here in my desk chair supporting this dress.  I’m kind of over the One-Strap thing (if Kim Kardashian is over it, so am I, obviously), but I feel like this is particular number is so graphic and crisp, that I can’t help but be charmed. If only CMM were there, making this face in the background:

Then everything would REALLY be perfect.


Shut Up and Fug

I did not anticipate coming back from vacation to this:

Is it kinda wrong that I wish she’d have snipped off the bottom two-and-a-half feet of this dress? It makes her — Rihanna! — look moderately to mostly frumpy, and we’re talking about something that’s 1/3 sheer. And RIHANNA, whom I would have bet money couldn’t look frumpy if she were wearing a housedress and a shower cap over curlers. I feel like, listen, dollface: in fifty years, when you’re going to an Arbor Day party on the yacht of your ancient, crotchety Hamptons neighbor Cranky McOldster, THEN you can trot this number out. Until then, and especially for New Years, can I suggest sequined star pasties instead? (Not really.) (Maybe just a little bit.)

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