Fug File: secretly awesome

VMAs Fug Carpet/Weirdly Entertaining Played Lady Gaga/Cher

CHER: So, you’re wearing a meat dress.

LADY GAGA: You’re wearing your outfit from If I Could Turn Back Time, dude!

CHER: Um, this is ICONIC.


CHER: I don’t know how to respond to that.

LADY GAGA: I’m even wearing MEAT SHOES:

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Emmy Awards Fug or Fab: Carrie Preston

I really love this picture:

Carrie “Arlene” Preston and Michael “Ben” Emerson are sincerely so cute. All of the shots of them together looked sort of like this one: She’s smiling happily, and he just looks like getting to hang out with his wife at the Emmys is THE BEST THING EVER. I guess it would be better than his usual day on Lost, which generally tended to involve mysterious bloodshed — even if said bloodshed was often in the course of his character being fascinating. Anyway, I love them. All of his interviews for the past five years have been like, “When I’m not in Hawaii playing Ben, I get to go be Carrie’s assistant!” It’s just so cute. Like Kyra and Kevin earlier today, if they were to break up, I would be legit disappointed.

But let’s get a closer look at Carrie, shall we?

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Emmy Awards Fug Carpet: Rita Wilson

RITA WILSON: Welcome to Lamps Plus, where the ‘plus’ stands for, ‘Please lighten up, sissies!’ We specialize in affordable glamour that is also extremely subtle!
TOM HANKS: And I specialize in swinging from that chandelier like Tarzan running twenty minutes late for booty night. Recognize.

Creative Emmy Awards Secretly Awesome Carpet: Alan Cumming

Sometimes, you have to just give someone thumbs up for COMMITTING TO A LOOK:

If you decide to wear a plaid suit to the (Creative Arts) Emmys, then WEAR A PLAID SUIT TO THE (Creative Arts) EMMYS, I say, and Alan Cumming is nothing if not goofily delightful in his. I so prefer this kind of thing to the “I’m Kind of Wearing a Tux But Not Really I Decided to Get CRAZY And Wear Something That’s Sort of Traditional Except in VELVET Don’t Judge Me Please Think I’m Special But Not TOO Special” that we so often see from the dudes who want to splash out but don’t want to splash out, you know, QUITE this far. Go big or go home, I always say, and ergo this pleases me. Also pleasing:

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Fug or Fab: Maggie Gyllenhaal/You Are Awesome, Emma Thompson

First and foremost, I like Maggie G’s short bob:

I like it so much that I sort of want it, despite knowing that I don’t have the wavy hair to pull it off, and I know I don’t like how I look with hair that length. What is it about the human condition that tempts us to do things to our hair that we KNOW we’re not going to like when we’ve done it? I suppose it must be boredom.

About the rest of her ensemble: I think I like it. I’m not wholly enamored of the shoe choice, but I GET IT and I think it supports her overall look, you know? She’s kind of that quirky bohemian type, anyway, and she looks summery and casual without being sloppy.

But there was another look spied at this event that I wholeheartedly support and indeed wish everyone else would emulate:

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Univision Awards AWESOME Carpet: Niurka Marcos

This is Niurka Marcos:

She is my new favorite celebrity I’ve never heard of. Allow me to enumerate all the ways in which she is secretly awesome:

  1. She looks the way I imagine Daryl Hannah’s character in Splash would look if she were a character in a telenovela, which she should be, because TV needs more mermaids.
  2. She’s wearing a bolero vest as a top.
  3. At 42!
  4. She was married three times in six years, a devotion to romantical drama that I appreciate.
  5. She appeared on Big Brother Mexico. I secretly (not really that secretly) love Big Brother in all incarnations.
  6. She has her own TV show called Espectacularmente Niurka, which can’t possibly be as espectacularmente as the other show she hosts, El Show De Niurka, in which she apparently interviews people from a jacuzzi. Niurja, you had me at jacuzzi.


Well Played, Diane Kruger

Here’s (a somewhat weirdly blurry) Diane Kruger at a Calvin Klein event yesterday:

[All photos: WENN.com]

She looks pretty: simple, cool, capable of negotiating those shoes with more adroitness than would I. But, like many a celeb, she made a wardrobe change at this event:

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