Fug File: SAG Awards

SAG Awards Fug Carpet: Laura Carmichael in Vionnet

The 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

OH EDITH. When Mary told you it was a great idea to pair the drawing room curtains with one of the napkins you stole from downstairs because you thought maybe Michael Gregson had once touched it to his lips, SHE WAS JUST F’ING WITH YOU.

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SAGs Feh Carpet: Felicity Jones in Balenciaga

felicity jones sag awards 2015

“Oh, thanks, yes, um… I wasn’t prepared to give a toast, the bride told me I wouldn’t… but… what can I say about Penelope and Maxwell… lovely couple… It was pretty clearly love, wasn’t it, when they first gave in to temptation at my and Max’s engagement party, but, er, obviously, um, we’re all great friends and… still, they did make me speak here, didn’t they, and put me in a dress with a big X on it, as if I’m marked, so perhaps I’m well shot of that shitnosed bastard, and I should stop pretending to be chums with his drippy cow wife, shouldn’t I? So pass the bubbly and raise a glass to Mr. and Mrs. Rat-Arse. GOOD LUCK. You have dreadfully dull taste in dresses.”

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SAG Awards Fugs and Fabs: The Orange is the New Black Cast

It’s rare that, in a large cast, you get SO MANY of them in the room — but thank God they all came, because of the big win. It made me wonder if they somehow found out early, but they all seemed super surprised and emotional about it, and also, wouldn’t Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon (who was at the pre-party?) and Kate Mulgrew have moved mountains to be there if anyone was tipped off in advance?

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SAG Awards Fug or Fab Carpet: Rosamund Pike in Dior

I feel like this is one of those dresses that ends up on the Vogue best dressed list, while the rest of us go, “oh COME ON.” And possibly even while some Vogue staffers hiss, “oh, come on” about it under their breaths in the elevator.

The 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Arrivals in LA

That said: I sort of also enjoy things about it? It looks FUN to wear, although she doesn’t look like she’s having much fun in this particular shot. (She didn’t do any interviews, and I wonder if maybe she didn’t want to get into the dog and pony show for the SAGs and is saving her interview mojo for the Oscars. Remember that weird article about Gone Girl in EW last summer, wherein they basically came out and said she was impossible to wrangle for press? We may be seeing a natural reticence about speaking to the media coming out again. Regardless: Cheer up, Ro! Your lipstick is fabulous.) It looks like something you could twirl around in very satisfactorily, everyone will probably want to come up and gently touch you (this is good or bad depending on said Toucher, of course) and then they’ll probably say something complimentary even if they don’t mean it, and you can TOTALLY eat in it, which is basically the most important thing.  So. I find myself weirdly torn by this insane piece of clothes/art. What do you think?



SAG Awards Cleav Carpet: Jennifer Aniston in John Galliano

And the Actor goes to…

jennifer aniston sag awards 2015

… Jennifer Aniston, for her role as Heidi Klum in the gritty indie biopic National Lampoon’s Project Funbags.

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SAG Awards Fug or Fine: Julia Roberts in Givenchy

First of all, can we bitch about how every time Julia presents an award, she just goes up there and extemporaneously chats about whatever she feels is most important (this time, how GREAT Mark Ruffalo is, despite Ruffalo not even being there and not having a damn thing to do with the actual award she’s actually presenting)? On Twitter, Karen Alea suggested that perhaps this is because….JULIA CAN’T READ. Which would make a great movie, actually. She can play herself!

She doesn’t look terrible in this jumpsuit, though:

The 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

The hair is great, the bracelet is good, and thank GOD it’s better than THIS JUMPSUIT ON HER. I’ll allow it.

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