Fug File: Random Fug

NAACP Image Awards Random Fug Carpet: Jennia Fredrique

Jennia Fredrique here was, according to her resume, on NBC’s late, lamented, and deeply beloved (by me) soap Passions:

Apparently, she played a woman that Chad Harris married in Los Angeles, before moving to Harmony, and then she was understandably pissed when Chad started romancing Whitney Russell without having divorced her first. Let me just note that it is SO CHAD to assume that the woman he was married to would take care of the divorce, and then think nothing else of it. Anyway, I guess she then threatened to kill Whitney. This has all been overwritten in my memory in order to make room for the vast amounts of information I have retained about all the other crazy things that happened to Whitney and Chad, which include but are not limited to: romancing one another DESPITE BEING BROTHER AND SISTER; Whitney entering a nunnery due to aforementioned incest; Chad accidentally adopting his own child with his maybe-sister; Chad and Whitney finding out that they’re totally NOT brother and sister, just adoptive half-cousins; then also finding out that their kind-of nephew is actually the intersex blackmailing murderer/rapist/arsonist Vincent/Valerie, both of whose personas Chad has been having separate affairs with (a gay affair with Vincent and a non-gay affair with Valerie), which makes me feel like Chad was REALLY not an observant lover; Chad being murdered before he learning that he had (maybe) impregnated Vincent/Valerie. (There was then a very complicated storyline that involved someone’s penis being reattached upside-down, a second serial killer, and a quadruple wedding at which every single guest was murdered by poisoned sauce. Don’t worry, they were all resurrected by magic later.) So it sort of stands to reason that I have forgotten Jennia here, after all of that. I would venture a theory though, that just as I forgot about her, she should have forgotten this dress. Anything that looks as though it is a very, very fancy entrant into the traditional wedding shower game Make A Bridal Gown From Toilet Paper probably isn’t your best option. 


Random Fug (To Us): Jameela Jamil

“Hmm,” thinks British TV personality Jameela Jamil.

[Photo: WENN.com]

“I bet if I walk through here REALLY fast, no one will notice that I look like the concierge at a Studio 54-themed boutique hotel.”

Random Fug: Lara Bingle

This outfit, when it appeared on Rihanna, became our first-ever Unfug It Up feature — she styled it differently, of course, which was part of the issue. But it’s interesting to me to see it on somebody who is not as naturally edgy or daring as Rihanna:

This woman is an Aussie model, although in this photo it looks like she’s conducting the U.S.S. Enterprise’s shipboard orchestra in a fairly pedestrian rendition of “Waltzing Matilda.” And the outfit… doesn’t work. It’s totally wearing her, instead of the other way around. Of course, it doesn’t help that Lara emits a vibe of having been up all night after several failed attempts to pass out in the drawers behind her. But I think it goes to show that sometimes it’s the styling that fails you, and sometimes it’s just the style. As in, I don’t think this is quite hers. Point to Rihanna. Now let’s see if Ms. Bingle has the guts to try this one in Round Two.


Random Fug: Kesha

Listen, I don’t know why this Kesha person got invited to the UK premiere of This Is It.

But I do know that if you’re attending a movie about the last performances of a man who died tragically and suddenly before his time, it’s PROBABLY not the appropriate venue to dress like you’re trying to nail Jon Gosselin.


Daytime Emmy Awards Random Fug: Rachel Zeskind

It’s little wonder I’ve never heard of Rachel Zeskind.

Until today, no one had seen hide nor hair of her since her job as the hostess at the incredibly ill-conceived and unpopular Sea World Sushi Lounge.


The Final Fugstination: Random Fug

Look. I know Final Destination is a horror movie.

But I don’t know if I’m supposed to scream just looking at the red carpet.