Fug File: Random Fug


Here’s the thing:

When your movie is about the nuclear arms race — as is Lucy Walker’s, here — is it appropriate to show up dressed like you’re late for your midnight performance at Beach Blanket Bingo? I promise I’m not being snarky. I have never made what is by all accounts a very powerful film about the nuclear arms race — all of my nuclear arms race movies are glib and half-assed — so I don’t know HOW you dress to promote it. I feel like you’d probably be standing in front of your closet thinking, “am I supposed to look all Serious Bizness here? Or is that just DEPRESSING? Oh, screw it. I’m going to be kicky and retro. If we’re all going up in a mushroom cloud of doom, at least I will have taken my midriff out for a walk before that happens. CARPE DIEM!”


Random Fug: Emily Meade

Something about the way Emily Meade carries herself here suggests to me that she wants me to stare at her from a distance, squeal, “IT’S LEIGHTON MEESTER,” and then ask for her autograph. 

And congrats to her — for a second, seeing as she’s attending the premiere of a Chace Crawford movie (in which she stars), I did in fact see the thumbnail and wonder, “Is Blair Waldorf wearing one of Blanche Devereaux’s best Courting A Mustachiod Gentleman With Dangerously High-Waisted Slacks blouses?”
But then Emily ruined the illusion:

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Random Fug: Cody Horn

The lovely Cody Horn apparently is in three things this year, including Flipped, this Rob Reiner movie with Rebecca DeMornay and Goose and Aidan Quinn and Frasier’s dad and Marshall from Alias and a couple other people who feel chosen at random from a list of people who used to do stuff.

Unfortunately, I don’t think your dress is supposed to be that short both above AND below the equator. Because I keep wanting to tug it up a few inches, but if I were to do it and succeed, she might suddenly find herself getting papped in a very different way.

Random Fug: Aura Dione AGAIN

Aura Dione first featured on our site not long ago wearing a jacket made of tiny coin-purses, as if she planned to park at approximately fifty-three different parking meters that day and needed carefully meted-out spare change.

[Photo: Splash News]

Now, she’s clad as a fireworks display designed by a giant tarantula whose favorite movie is Moulin Rouge. I’m not convinced her buttocks would think this is an upgrade.

Random Fug: Aura Dione

This is Aura Dione. She’s a Danish singer-songwriter (per my best friend, Wikipedia) who — I THINK — is big in Germany.

[Photo: FlynetOnline.com]

I prefer to refer to her, however, as What Lady Gaga Hath Wrought.


Random Fug

Jessica Hart here is a swimsuit model, and, I guess, a model-model.

She also apparently is a time-traveler from 1992. Say hi to Blossom for me when you go back, Jessica!