Fug File: Pretty Little Liars

Fug the Show: Pretty Little Liars, episode 4-4

I just can’t wait for this show and its terrible masks to turn into a knockoff of the Jim Carrey vehicle The Mask. Clothes-wise, we didn’t get too much of interest until Aria swooped in at the middle of the hour and saved the day with her pants. As usual. It’s ALWAYS Aria’s lower half that brings the madness.


Fug the Show: Pretty Little Liars, episode 4-3

We went from A BIRD WHO KNOWS TOO MUCH to MASKS THAT ARE TOO DUMB TO KNOW ANYTHING. This show is a treat. And yet also kind of terrible this season, for the same reason.


Fug the Show: Pretty Little Liars, episodes 4-1 and 4-2

This show has finally outdone itself by adding into the plot A BIRD WHO KNOWS TOO MUCH. I wish it would share, because when it comes to this show, for SURE it knows more than I do. Also: a headband that turns into a beret, A Mysterious Person In A Lace Veil, and the worst funeral dress in the world.

There is some mild plot in here, and you will need to know some of this from season three: The girls think Alison is still alive; Hanna’s mom, a.k.a. Sydney from Melrose Place, was being threatened by Office Wilden (Bryce Johnson from Popular) because he thinks Hanna and her friends did something to Alison, and she decided he was going to hurt her so she ran him over with his own cop car and it recorded the crime, but he survived; Hanna and Aria dumped the car into a lake; Mona dragged it OUT of the lake despite being like four feet tall and dropped it off at Hanna’s house to torture her, and then someone else stole it and dumped it in the middle of town with SOMETHING SCARY in the trunk that turns out to be a dead pig. Which is foreshadowing the premiere, in which — spoiler — a day later Wilden turned up dead. And everyone forgets that Dead Alison DeLaurentis was like 14 or 15 when she died, max, and therefore all the things they claim she ACCOMPLISHED before her death, many of which were sexual in nature, are super disturbing. Oh, and in the second hour, Aria hooks up with her self-defense teacher, because evidently she has a real jones for people who instruct her.


Sponsored Post: The Best of the Wackiest “Pretty Little Liars” Looks

As Fug Nation knows, we are avid Pretty Little Liars watchers, in part because we love a good, soapy twist and turn — but also because that show can bring wardrobe drama like no other. We vividly remember the day Aria’s feather earring lit Twitter on fire, or the time she wore pants with two different legs, or her genuinely gorgeous masquerade dress. So with the new slate of episodes premiering tonight, we compiled a slideshow of our very favorite weird and wild and wonderfully WTH looks from the three seasons that came before. (The post itself may be sponsored, but the opinions and choices herein are solely our own — as always.)¬†This COULD be alternately titled, “Things Aria Has Done To Herself,” but also includes clothes I never got a chance to write about from season three, like a certain outfit Hanna wore in a barn. Hint: IT’S OVERALLS. Mandi Line, you never, ever disappoint. See you tonight and beyond.

The summer season of “Pretty Little Liars” premieres tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central on ABC Family.¬†



Fug the Show: Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode

I WISH these outfits were just the girls’ costumes. Alas.


Fugs and Fabs: Pretty Little Liars Screening

Pretty Little Liars has been doing special one-off Halloween episodes, and at this rate, unless there is a three-hour previously-on beforehand, I have almost no prayer of knowing what the hell is going on or why anyone is still lying. In the meantime, let’s check out what some of them wore to the screening. Be prepared for lots of skinny pants and boot-related footwear. Come on, Mother Nature. We are SO READY for autumn. Why was it a hundred degrees yesterday?

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Fug The Show: Pretty Little Liars, finishing the season

Y’all are going to LOVE some of what they pulled out in the last four episodes. And I mean that in the sincere way and in the WTF way. No plot herein, for those of you who don’t care, and no big spoilers for those of you who are paranoid. Just lots of belts. And a bow. And a sad raccoon. McKayla is not impressed? Neither is this thing.