Fug File: performances

VMAs Fug Carpet: Jennifer Hudson

I have notes on this one, but they pale in comparison to my feelings about what she wore on-stage.

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VMAs: Crazy Performance Fugnanigans

Or as I said to Jessica, the night Miley Cyrus became LMFAO Minaj. Do we think her tongue obsession came BEFORE this outfit, or because of it?

Note: Sadly this isn’t a Fug the Hellshow of the whole thing; just of what people wore during notable performances. I couldn’t bring myself to go into this again THAT deep, and I say that as someone who watched Sharknado TWICE. So you know this was bad.

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Fugga Ora

It’s so nice to see that Rita Ora hasn’t given up her commitment to fugcellence.

I cannot imagine how uncomfortable it must be to wear that many yards of leather — much less leather that alleges to be pants, but is actually more like each leg requested its own, solitary, massively expensive sweat lodge experience. What do Rita Ora’s thighs see during a hallucinatory meditation? Her wardrobe already IS a hallucination. Do you think they have visions of themselves wearing normal clothes?


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Fugsie J

Oh, Jessie J, you can stop listening.

Because TRUST ME, you do not want to know what I am saying right now.

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Dramatically Played, Leona Lewis

Back when she was wearing lips on her chest, I really thought Leona Lewis had the makings of a Fug Madness star — but she’s been pretty silent since then. Ergo, imagine my glee at seeing her perform in a giant fringed robe befitting the high priestess of a religion invented by Paris Hilton and Florence Welch.

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Well Played, Mariah Carey

Apparently Mariah hurt her shoulder sometime between the BET Awards and now, and has coped with this setback by turning it into an accessory. Like a boss.

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