Fug File: peach

Fug or Fab, and Well Played, Gwyneth Paltrow

My dirty little secret is that I loved Gwyneth for YEARS. YEARS when it was unpopular to do so. Years and years. I don’t know, I just found her Ice Queen Shiny Blond Nantucket Tweed Driving Gloves Preppy look very appealing, and I really liked Shakespeare in Love. And then I kind of forgot about her, and then GOOP happened, and then I hated GOOP, and then I kind of loved GOOP again and now I secretly do really love GOOP, if only because sometimes it’s so dumb in such a charming way, and then other times it is infuriating and it’s really fun to get infuriated occasionally about things that really aren’t important, because you can get your heart rate up and then totally forget about it. Also, it does have pretty good recipes. And now, with this picture, I might be TOTALLY IN on Gwyneth again.

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SAG Awards Better Played, Jayma Mays

I was a bit concerned about Jayma Mays when we saw her at the Golden Globes. She just looked so much wee-er than usual. So it’s nice to see that she looks so lively (and voluminous of hair) here at the SAGs. This dress, I think, works much better on her frame than the other one did. Let’s take a closer gander at it, shall we?


Golden Globes Fug or Fab: Emma Stone

I know that Emma Stone is blonde for her movie role in Spider-Man, but I must say, I miss her awesome red hair:

In fact, when I saw her in the background of E!’s red carpet show, I seriously thought she was Kate Bosworth. Squint at her and think about it: blonde bun, sleek Calvin Klein melon-colored dress? All she’s missing is Alex Skarsgard and a working knowledge of what it was like to work on Blue Crush, and they’d be the same person.

Let’s see the back!


Fug or Fab: Elisabeth Moss


Yes, yes, this kind of washes her out. And yes, yes, I think it might be a wee bit Nightgown You’d See on the Cover of a VC Andrews Novel down there at the bottom. But do you remember how girlfriend USED to dress?


Fug or Fab (Who Am I Kidding?): Leona Lewis

I don’t even know why I’m putting this up to a vote.

BECAUSE THIS IS RIDICULOUS. This is what would happen if Peaches N Cream Barbie got kidnapped by pirates and was forced to be their entry into the Miss Universe pageant.


Fug Man 2

I thought ScarJo here looked great at the Iron Man 2 premiere. But I don’t know WHAT happened at the White House Correspondents’ dinner:

Also, by the way, it does not appear that Ryan Reynolds attended this event with her, which, to my way of thinking, lends credence to Heather’s theory that their marriage is but a SHAM. I can see — I suppose — not attending premieres and such together, on the argument that people don’t go to work with their spouses. (Although I would argue that a premiere is more like an office PARTY, which is exactly when you DO bring your spouse, because you can drink together and point out all the coworkers you complain about at home.) But I feel like if my husband Jon Hamm were invited to the White House, you can bet all the money in your wallet that I AM GOING WITH HIM.

Anyway: the outfit. For real, girl? Unless your SHAM MARRIAGE has led to a SHAM IMPREGNATION, I can not approve.