Fug File: NRJ

Fugs and Fabs: France’s NRJ Music Awards

This ensemble is a shining example of somebody taking all their assets and just… doing it wrong.

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NRJ Music Awards: Fugs, Fabs, and WTF MY EYYYYYESSS

This music awards show in France always yields the crazy, but MY LORD, this year it came with an extra level of NSFW. I had to bury The Outfit on slide #5 or 6 so that it wouldn’t show up on the homepage. Plus, I felt the need to sandwich it between gentler nonsense. One can’t always plunge headfirst into the fug. Sometimes you start with a toe. Or in Bieber’s case, a moonboot.

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NRJ Fug Awards

I do not know what the NRJ Music Awards actually are — other than being French, and….involving music — but I know that any event whose red carpet invokes this expression on Katy Perry’s face is A-OK with me:

That’s shock with a splash of awe right there. And when you’ve shocked/awed a woman who has performed dressed as a banana, you’ve got to be doing something right.

Something like this:
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