Fug File: Nashville

Fug the Show: Nashville recap, Season 2 Finale (Episode 22)

I had doubts about the music this season without T-Bone Burnett — I mean, generally, life is better with anything T-Bone, except maybe when you’re talking about a type of car wreck —  and it’s true that it’s been only okay at times. I didn’t like any of Scarlett’s stuff, and Rayna’s new single is so blah, and her duet with Juliette is the worst. But Gunnar/Avery/Zoey were awesome together, and G’s stuff is generally still great, and I enjoy Juliette, and “A Life That’s Good” is also awesome but I can’t remember if we heard that one in Season 1 or not. Anyway. The point is, it wasn’t all bad, and yay, season three. ONWARD:

Maddie and Deacon are bonding over their mutual loves of super old country stars, with Deacon doing some subtle name-dropping of all the people who’ve invited him to play with them, because Deacon can make that kind of stuff seem folksy and charming because he’s not Gwyneth Paltrow and he’s not calling Billy Joel “William,” or in this case, Merle Haggard… um… Merlegatroyd.

Oh, and Maddie gave each of them this truly subtle photographic gift adorned with pieces of hope.

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Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 2, episode 21

When I started the recap, this hadn’t been picked up yet, and now it has — for the full 22 episodes. (And so did Revenge, a.k.a., the cockroach of the apocalypse.) Which is interesting, because my impression of THIS episode is that the writers’ room ran out of steam. HOWEVER, I am thrilled I don’t have to spend next year wondering how Juliette is, or wishing they would put her on Scandal so Olivia Pope could fix her. And now, this show has one more episode to blow our minds with a good finale.


Fug the Show: Nashville, season 3, episode 20

A dreary episode in which Juliette TOTALLY Juliettes herself, maddeningly, and then the threat of addiction and mental illness is swept under the rug like some old dust bunnies. Not exactly the best way to come back from a hiatus.


Fug the Show: Nashville, season 2, episode 19

If you’ve been holding out for a decent Rayna and Deacon scene all season, you’ll get one here. FINALLY. But Sherri Shepherd’s absurdist ’70s fever-dream wig stands in your way.


Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 2, episode 18

It is bittersweet to write a recap in a post-TWoP world, given that TWoP is where I wrote my first ever TV recap, and where, in fact, the concept of the online TV recap was born. I remember when they had to explain patiently to e-mailers and others that they were recaps, not reviews, and now that term is everywhere. i09 did a nice piece on how much it shaped the Internet, and whatever you think about TWoP’s quality after the founders left, that sentiment is true.

Anyway: This week on Nashville, SECRETS ARE REVEALED. That’s a lazy line I just wrote, but also true.


Fug the Show: Nashville recap, season 2, episode 17

I accidentally typed “Fug the Snow” at first, which I imagine is how a lot of people feel right now. This episode has some good blouses, bad pants, and a return to the nadir of Scarlett’s hair, which I am hoping she will cut off and sell for money to send to her child who’s being raised by two humble innkeepers drugs.