Fug File: interesting backs

G.I. Fug: Rise of Fugbra

So, I just lost the entire post I was writing about Rachel Nichols’ dress. And it infuriated me, but it’s also probably for the best, as I had gone off on some tangent about her facial expression, and John Black‘s similar one, and that time he had to rescue Marlena because The Evil Stefano DiMera held her hostage in some random dungeon underneath the streets of Paris, and how he almost got himself guillotined for his trouble. And that really doesn’t have much to do with Rachel’s actual outfit, except that Stefano once fathered a love child with a woman who then spent 30 years skulking around in a white dress.
Maybe that counts.

[Photo: WENN.com]

Rachel does not look like she wants to spend 30 years skulking around in this dress. It looks kind of tight and uncomfortable, like maybe it doesn’t quite have room in it for all her ribs, and we’re getting a little, er, specific on the contours of her boobs there — kind of like when a gymnast finally starts busting out of her leotard.

Oh, and speaking of busting out:

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Fug or Fab: Kristen Bell

As per usual at this point in the week, I don’t know what to think, and need an assist from the Fug Nation. Behold Kristen Bell:


She’s cute, of course, but I worry she got this from the Stevie Nicks Juniors Collection. The fringe! The black! The…texturally confusing shrug! The back:
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Fug or Fab: Drunkface McCord

Dude. You guys. Drunkface McCord can turn her head almost ALL THE WAY AROUND:

Other than the fact that she’s clearly AN ALIEN and she’s FREAKING ME OUT, she looks pretty okay, right? But I admit it’s possible that I’m so overcome with FEAR that I have lost my ability to reason. Obviously, I need your help. Oh, right. You need to see the rest:

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MTV Movie Awards Fug Carpet: Taraji P. Henson

On the plus side, this dress works better in black and white than it did when Miley Cyrus wore something similar:

Sure, she looks like something from the Decorative Arts section of the Met — she’s a vase! she’s an urn! she’s a delicately needlepointed chair! — but at least she’s a delicately needlepointed chair with great legs. Surely this can be salvaged! Let’s see the back!

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Unfug It Up: Robin Wright Penn

I was going to put this to a poll, but then I wrote myself out of it, which happens occasionally. Because here’s the thing. I would be totally fine with this, I think, if it just ended at the bottom of the black miniskirt (conceptually, I mean — that might be a bit short in practice, but you smell what I’m brewing):

As it is, though, this whole thing reeks of a potent combination of Ice Dancing and Ballroom Dancing, both of which are DELIGHTFUL to observe but maybe a little cheesy to recreate in a scenario in which you actually perform neither of said activities. And yes, I am planning on showing you the front of it — although I had a hard time tracking down a decent shot of the front, which makes me think Robin Wright Penn here might have scurried down the red carpet concealing her face from the press. Oh, honey. Just because we’re all talking about how maybe next time you and Sean Penn decide to get divorced, you ought to keep it to yourselves until the ink is actually dry on the court documents, it doesn’t mean we don’t want to see what you’re wearing.

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Fug or Fab: Nicole Kidman

KEITH URBAN: I’m so very happy. I may BURST INTO SONG!

NICOLE KIDMAN: I have a wee secret.

KEITH: Just a moment, Nicole! I feel song coming on!

NICOLE: Oh, I can wait. My entire look is centered around the concept of coyness.

KEITH: Wait. What do you mean?

NICOLE: Do you really want to know?

KEITH: Obviously. Now, I’m intrigued.

NICOLE: Have you seen the front of my dress?

KEITH: Well, duh. I’m RIGHT HERE.

NICOLE: Check out the back:

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Oscar Fug Carpet: Heidi Klum

I hate to step on Tim Gunn’s lines, but this IS a whole lot of look. Also, I’m concerned. Gather round:

Klum, of course, is one of those women who can get away with wearing a lot of things, and I admire her work on behalf of heart disease in women (which is why she’s wearing red), but this looks a bit…overworked, shall we say? It’s kind of like what would happen if origami had a baby with those aluminum foil swans they wrap your leftovers in at various restaurants. And then got dunked in a vat of nail polish. And took a drunken lap through the accessories department at Excessive R Us.  And then…okay, I guess that’s it. But isn’t that enough? Or, rather, too much? I thought so. Thank you. Carry on!