Fug File: Halloween

Fugs, Fabs, and WTFs: Halloween Part 2: The Return

And Halloween continues, with — at last! — Heidi Klum’s always majestic efforts, as well as a truly impressive outing from Kelly and Michael at Live. We don’t have all their costumes in our photo subscription, but you should take a spin through the round-up; the Walter White/Jesse Pinkman one really makes me laugh. Kelly kind of pulls off Aaron Paul.

(Here’s the post from last weekend’s round of parties, in case you’re falling behind on your Halloween Shenanigans.)

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Casual Fuggerween: Sandra Bullock

That is some awesome makeup — gotta love a mother who’ll go to costume extremes for her son.

Cutest skeleton EVER.

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Fugloween 2012

Here are two things I’ve learned from doing postings this Halloween: 1) I am pretty sure Chris Brown’s costume is going to make your head explode, and b) I’d best not even try to ID most of these costume for fear of angering Fug Nation when I get it wrong. Some folks are REALLY disgusted that I happen not to have seen Moonlight Kingdom. It’s like I personally knifed them, just because I can’t watch or get to the movies as much as I’d like. Please forgive, Fug Nation. I hate it when we fight. At LEAST wait until I can acquire and don some leggings as pants, so that your disappointment can be complete.

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Halloween Fugs and… Fugs: The Weekend Before

Heidi Klum’s big bash is on the actual night of Halloween, but we’ve had a couple low-level parties in the run-up to the main event, and the outfits they’ve produced are exactly as you might expect: nudity, bad wigs, and Scott Disick carrying an ax.

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Fug and Fab: Halloween

Have you come out of your candy hangover yet? You might need some more sugar to perk you up. Just a suggestion. While you’re waiting for it to take effect, let’s another look at what some of our Fug Favorites wore out and about this Halloween. Noteworthy: I haven’t seen a single shot of Paris Hilton. Usually, she’s all over the wires dressed as a Sexy [Insert Profession Here]. PROGRESS.

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Fug and Fab the Halloween Costumes

It’s Halloween. Do you have your costume yet? If not, perhaps some of what this totally random array of celebrities wore over the weekend will inspire you. I know I am feeling especially moved to go out and put together my very best Morgan Fairchild costume. I think the neighborhood kids will really respond to it.

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