Fug File: green

Met Ball Fug or Fab: Ginnifer Goodwin

Once again, I am stuck by how SUPER SERIOUS BIZNIZ Ginnifer Goodwin always looks in photos, despite the fact that, on chat shows and the like, she seems totally bubbly and charming and fun. I don’t know who told her to not to smile AND not to smize, but that person was WRONG, GinGood.  You are adorable: own it.

Also hilarious? Giselle there in the background. Nothing makes for a good photobomb situation like tons of celebrities crammed into a tent together.

Anyway, let’s talk dress:

Love the color. Like, LOVE. And I like it theoretically But girl. I don’t know if this is doing to your hips what you want it to do to your hips:

I’m serious


Fug or Fab: Amy Smart

Remember when Amy Smart was all over the place?

I guess she’s done a voice on Robot Chicken for years, but I always think of her as That Girl I Hated For Reasons I No Longer Recall on Felicity, and, of course, The Beek’s Sweet Girlfriend AKA The One Who Didn’t Wear the Whipped Cream Bikini in Varsity Blues. She also just made a movie called 12 Days of Christmas with Mark-Paul Gosselaar, which is either a Hallmark Hall of Fame or an ABC Family movie and regardless will surely have some Fromage in it to be Fugged. But does her gown require fugging as well?

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Arthur Fug or Fab Omnibus

You take your eyes off the red carpet for a couple of days and look what happens. People go crazy. And at the Arthur premiere, no less. Let’s investigate further.


Oscars Fug Carpet: Paz de la Huerta

I mean… sure, okay, whatever.

It looks like she was drinking from the chocolate fountain WITH HER MOUTH, but hey, there is a silver lining: I didn’t have to be there while she was walking from point A to point Crotch.


Well Played: Heidi Klum

Let’s get real:

When she gets it right, she really gets it right.

[Photos: WENN.com]


Golden Globes Trend Carpet: Best/Worst Green

Aside from the preponderance of ruffles, the big trend at the Globes seemed to be dark green. Or hunter green, or forest green, or British racing green — whatever you want to call it. I call it a welcome trend on a night where there were a lot of non-hues; I also call it potentially dangerous to all the actresses who wore it whose names aren’t Angelina Jolie, because I could see her going home and calling her posse of knife-collecting assassins and suggesting that they slice and dice all the women who upstaged her color story. Although, Catherine Zeta-Jones will probably be fine. I imagine her as being impervious to knives. She is certainly impervious to cranky toothpicks who don’t know how to do their hair. Oh, yes, Angie, I said it. I may have liked your green and I may have liked the dress on you, but we’re not blind to your head-suit. Perhaps some nutrients would help?

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Golden Globes Well Played: Mila Kunis

MORE GREEN! I loved this one:

Especially after reviewing Mila’s last year of red carpet outfits, most of which were some kind of neutral. In comparison, this is some kind of WONDERFUL HAHAHAHAH SEE WHAT I DID THERE oh God Globes fever has set in. It SOUNDS fun, but it actually leads to hacky cracks like that, as well as a painful rash. Ahem. I apologize.

What I Mean Is, It’s Great