Fug File: green

Emmy Awards Fug Carpet: Archie Panjabi

When I saw that Archie’s dress was green, I was really excited.

And then when I saw the REST of it, I was saddened. It… is it falling off of her? It’s so limp and lackluster, two things that neither Archie nor her alter-ego Kalinda are in the slightest. Seriously, her left half looks like it has the vapors.

and it gets worse


Fug or Fab: Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto must love this color, since this is the second time she’s worn it. And with good reason, as it glows on her. But what do we think of the gown itself? She tends to elevate much of what she wears, which is a huge compliment and a rare trick. Is this gown worthy of that? Let’s take a look.

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Fugs or Fabs: Jayma Mays

Apparently, Jayma Mays plays Neil Patrick Harris’s wife in the Smurfs movie, which I just noticed is also in 3-D, because why make a movie in Regular D when it could be in 3-D? (3-D gives me a headache, and apparently, so do The Smurfs. They just make me so smurfy. ARGH. SEE? They’re inescapable even when you don’t like them.  Gargamel, take me away.)

This is…not bad? I mean, it’s not offensive. It seems a bit to me like she shortened it from the original, though, which kind of makes it look like something you’d expect to see on one of the lesser girls from The Hills — she’s all strapless AND legs AND shiny AND bright, and as much as I hate to be all, “darling, are you a REALITY SHOW HANGER-ON, or a movie staaaar?”, if she gave herself a couple more inches in the skirt, I think she might have looked a little more movie star and a little less like someone who might be standing next to Spencer Pratt on Spencer For Hire, his new reality show on OWN, where he goes from Hollywood club to Hollywood club, trying to get someone to give him a job (note: I just made that up. It is not a real show. SPENCER, DON’T GET ANY IDEAS).

On the other hand, it could be worse:

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The Continuing Well Played Adventures of Will and Kate: Coming to America: This Post’s Title Is Like Something On Lifetime: Not Without My Prince.

They’ve got to be exhausted by now. At the very least, Kate’s hair dresser has to be sleeping in the bathtub at the Beverly Hills Hotel at the moment, cradling his blow dryer like a teddy bear and icing his carpal tunnel. Chin up, old chap! Your work has never been better.


Yasmin Le Fug

I like to think that — much as in Bridget Jones’s Diary, where she shows up as the only tart at what she thought was a Tarts and Vicars party (I love you, English fancy dress customs) — Yasmin Le Bon here showed up at the Serpentine Party and said, “damn it, no one told me we weren’t all dressing like Rachel Zoe Circa Summer 2006 anymore! YOU’RE ALL DEAD TO ME!”


Well Played, Fabiola Beracasa?!?!

I mean, right?

I think this might be, gulp, kind of good. What has happened? Where are the ruffles, the sheer layers, the trousers that make her look like she’s kneeless and waddling? Are you listening to us, Fabiola? WHY ARE YOU LISTENING TO US? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? Does Courtney Love actually ever take baths? Probably not! Does Bai Ling ever put it away? Hell no! Does Mischa Barton ever buy good pants? IS THE POPE CATHOLIC? Don’t be a Peldon, Fab. Don’t ride a wave of sanity back whence you came. Because in these trying times, we need to weep with joyous confusion at your clothes. Fly the fug flag, lady.  FLY IT LIKE THE WIND.


CFDA Well Played: Judith Light

Dear Tony Danza:

I’m so sorry, good sir, but you are no longer the boss.