Fug File: Glee

Oscars Sad Carpet: Dianna Agron

What was charming at the SAGs…

…feels depressed at the Oscars. I mean, look: this dress is pretty, if INCREDIBLY SIMILAR, thematically, to her SAGs dress (at least in terms of color and length) but dammit if it doesn’t seem like the poor kid just sort of crawled out of bed and thought, “blue tea length was good last time. This dress is pretty. Whatever. I’m going through a very weird break up. I’m good-looking enough to skate by on this, right? Sure. God, I just want some ice cream. I don’t even want to go to this party. Sigh. Pull it together, Dianna.”


Oscars Fug or Fab Carpet: Lea Michele

The pros: Her smile is really cute here.  The color is great. I’ve always wondered what a formal, skirted wetsuit would look like, and now I know:

The con: this is one of those dresses where I feel like the modest neckline — which I sort of dig, as a CONCEPT — also makes her look like she’s got her head on backward. It is however, as you might suspect, open-backed, which makes you realize that her head MUST be on the right way, or her boobs would be coming calling.



Grammys Well Played Hair: Matthew Morrison

Dear Mr. Schuster’s hair,

You are famous for, in Sue Sylvester’s words, looking like you were styled with a bucket of lard, being a home to Keebler elves, and/or resembling a briar patch, among other insults. So this was a fun change:

You’re very cute, and obviously talented, but we always did secretly wonder if Sue Sylvester spoke the truth. So it’s nice to see your alter-ego, Matthew Morrison, bouncing around town with his head coiffed a little differently. We also like his jacket, but we aren’t sure if we can credit you with that, unless somehow this new style doubles as an updated thinking cap. That would be some nice multi-tasking.

Anyway: Don’t ever change forever, but thanks for giving Matthew an occasional new flavor. Baskin Robbins has thirty-one of them; we feel like it’s good for a dude to have at least two.




Grammy Awards Glee Carpet: Fugs and Fabs

Sometimes it’s easier to deal with the Glee table in one fell swoop, since about ninety percent of them tend to attend every event together (although Lea still gets her own slideshow, because, well, we imagine that’s kind of what the experience of working with her is like). We’ll start with Artie up there, because he is so cute and dapper… except… except… it kind of looks like he’s a very confused mobster, whom nobody told that the gun harness is supposed to go under your tux jacket, and who therefore is going to get arrested before he even makes it inside the speakeasy. Sorry, Artie. We’ll visit you in the pokey.


Well Played, Lea Michele/Grammy Awards Fug or Fab Carpet: Lea Michele

Lea Michele wore this at a pre-Grammy event honoring Barbra Streisand, at which she performed FOR Barbra Streisand. What I didn’t realize is that apparently she had never seen Funny Girl — the movie featuring the song “Don’t Rain On My Parade,” which she sang on both Glee and the Tonys telecast, and which many thought was her way of auditioning for a Broadway revival — until Ryan Murphy told her to watch it. Which sort of makes all her stuff about idolizing Barbra ring a little hollower. But I’m being harsh: Really, I thought Lea looked very nice in this dress, and that it was a perfectly subtle and understated way to be glamorous enough for the occasion, without looking like you want to upstage the honoree. That is a tough row to hoe, and so I applaud her.

However, I can’t decide how I feel about her Grammy dress, so let’s take it to the slideshow and then hash it out in the polls.

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