Fug File: Glee

Fug or Fab: Lea Michele

I have questions about the Glee movie, including: why? And, is it a movie with a plot, or a filmed version of the concert, done solely because America’s teens have been agitating for more opportunities to have Darren Criss’s crotch fly at them in 3D? And, is this outfit any good?

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Fug or Fab: Dianna Agron

I am always impressed when girls manage to pull off the “I’m growing my hair out” bob — Dianna Agron’s is looking particularly cute here, which is a feat given that I swear to God I saw a picture of her the other day where she looked like a Chia pet:

Va va va voom! Shall we take a look at the front?

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Listen, I have serious, serious issues with Glee lately, but I do love Heather Morris. Like, a lot.

So I’m just going to present her acid-washed romper without comment, other than saying that perhaps it will be best for everyone when they get back to the set.

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Met Ball Battle of The Glees: Dianna Agron vs Lea Michele

Historically I’ve never been a fan of this kind of halter neckline.

But I have to admit, Dianna Agron looks very pretty. Which is about as controversial a statement as saying that water is hydrating, or that Diet Coke is my bliss. Dianna Agron looks pretty because she is pretty, and she’s just letting that do the talking here. Part of me thinks that for all our joking about how the Met Ball only works when everyone smokes the fashion crack, it takes guts to go restrained and know you’ll knock ‘em dead as opposed to wearing an oil spill and hoping people think it’s an awesome statement on, like, embracing life’s gunk. But at the same time this IS surprisingly staid — it’s Michael Kors, so it was never going to be crazeballs — and I almost wonder if nobody told her what a wacktacular high-fashion event this is, ┬ábecause she might as well be at the SAGs or the DGAs.

Lea Michele went for a tiny bit more drama:

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Dianna Fugron

I am not opposed to Dianna’s funky punky shirt. In a really abstract way it reminds me of the last scene of the movie Annie, in which — SPOILER — Rooster chases Annie up that train track bridge thingy that’s shooting up into the sky like a ladder. I both loved that movie as a kid, and kept wondering why Annie wasn’t more horrified that people could see her white bloomers.

No bloomers here:

But breeches? We might have breeches. Regardless of what’s going on with the top half of the pants, those shoes look terrible with them, but: What is going on with the top half of the pants? Is it just a shadow, or has she run afoul of a pantaloon sorcerer? Let’s see if another angle helps.

cross your fingers



Dear Naya Rivera,

When your handbag is EXPONENTIALLY larger than your ACTUAL OUTFIT, perhaps the time has come to….


If only because the dude standing behind you is about two heartbeats away from having a stoke and falling over and cracking his head on the bagel cart. Won’t you think of the carbs lovers?!?




Kids’ Choice Awards Fug Carpet: Kevin McHale

Could someone please explain to me why Glee’s Kevin McHale looks like he just climbed out of a well?

In the 1930s?

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