Fug File: Glee

Better Played, Lea Michele/RED ALERT, LEA MICHELE

Is that see-through, or just a very illusory flesh-toned dress liner? I suspect the latter, and so I offer Lea a hearty pat on the back — but not too hearty in case it pops anything erogenous out of its sheath — for classing up the joint and tamping down her tendency to go gynecological on us. As for the rest of what happened on the red carpet, well… I am ringing the alarm, Beyonce-style.

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Fuga Michfugle

Well, in the past Lea Michele has raised our concern with her tiny tiny skirts and her widening leg stance.

She appears to have sought an answer in formal shorts, to avoid any unseemly games of peekaboo with her privates. But you know what they say…

what? what do they say?


Fug or Fab: Lea Michele

Somebody’s got some mischief afoot.

But first, I need to know: How long does it take to get all that navy eyeliner off at night? Because that stuff is RIGHT up in there on your lids, where for sure no cotton in MY house dares to scrub. Professional makeup: Not for the faint of heart. (Nor eye.) Now, let’s have a look at the rest of you. What are you hiding, minx? What’s your secret?



Emmy Awards Well Played Carpet: Naya Rivera

I keep forgetting Naya Rivera was at the Emmys. Which is weird, because now that I’ve sat down and looked at this photo, this dress might be one of my favorites.

I mean, yeah, you’d see more of the detail if it weren’t black, but I think the bodice is great. In the past, our girl Santana has been very Ladyboobs McSideboob, with a bonus Cha Cha DiGregorio sighting at last year’s Emmys. This feels kind of like a maturation of sorts, then — like she knows she can be seen without screaming at you or figuratively keying the metaphorical car of your brain, or whatever. It’s good, is what I’m saying.


Emmy Awards Fug Carpet: Best and Worst Purple

Turns out there was another color as ubiquitous as red. Who knew?

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Emmy Awards Fug Carpet: Jenna Ushkowitz

I don’t hate this, exactly; I’m more confused by it.

Is it a dress,  or did she just belt an extremely expensive diaper changing pad to her chest?


Emmy Awards Fug Carpet: Vanessa Lengies

This was a big one for Vanessa here — she of Stick It — who is joining the cast of Glee this fall as a character named Sugar Motta. I am trying to reserve judgment on that one, which you can imagine is very challenging for me, as I’m a crabby old crone with an active pointer finger and no fear of jamming it onto my laptop keys in a scathing order. Mostly, I hope it just turns out to be kind of a dumb name, but a perfectly good character, since that show needs a little more awesome and a little less mediocre.

I also hope having a regular TV role doesn’t interfere with Vanessa’s ability to get back to the Starship Enterprise and have her neck brace calibrated.