Fug File: Glee

Fug or Fab: Kate and Lea

KATE: Hi, Lea. Have you heard the rumors that I hate you?

LEA: Silliness!

KATE: Absurdity!

LEA: Nonsensical musings!

KATE: Ludicrous lexicography!

LEA: Wackadaisical textual fib fireworks!

KATE: Okay, fine, GOD, you don’t have to be all showy about it.

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Fug or Fab: Lea Michele and Cory Monteith

Well, they’re definitely cute together, and they seem happy — and also as if they are using the same colorist.

But I’m not loving his tattered work boots. I’m sure it’s A Look that he quite fancies — the idea that he’s hip but also edgy, man –but the pieces together don’t seem to fit. I’m not sure that necktie plus vest plus untucked shirt plus grey jeans plus work boots from District 12 adds up to a finished ensemble, so much as it equals, “Aw, hellfire, I forgot about this thing and now I’m going to be super late. What’s clean?”

Let’s take on Lea next:

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Fug or Fab: Dianna Agron

While the other Glee folks were at the FOX TCAs party, Dianna was a children’s film festival in Italy getting an award for… something.

The red lip is perfect with it, and the pattern is lively and fun, especially for a kids’-themed fest, but for me it falls apart on her feet. It’s not that I think she needed to be in 5-inch platform stilettos, but I think a heel would’ve been way more flattering, especially given the occasion. ¬†However, full disclosure, I’m going to need your help here because my bias is creeping in: I can’t tell whether my inability to deal with those shoes is solely due to my personal dislike for thong sandals of any stripe, or whether they really are the clunky, thud ending to the story. I’m trying to be objective and it’s not working, like attempting to watch an episode of Dynasty with an actual critical eye and then realizing after forty-two minutes that I was basically laughing and clapping the whole time. It’s too hard.

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Fugs and Fabs: Glee at ComicCon

I love that, with the continued proliferation of panels for shows like Glee, ComicCon has basically widened its net to PopCultureCon, or SomeMoviesAndThenOtherTVShowsWeReallyWantYouToWatch-BecauseTheyAren’tCheapToMakeCon.¬†And I am forever grateful for it. I know summer is a huge movie season, but for some reason it also feels like a fallow period for fuggery sometimes. Maybe I’m just projecting my own desire to be on vacation all the time upon the celebrities whom I hope will never take vacations so I can look at their pants.

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Well Played, Dianna Agron

Can we all just agree that this is possibly the cutest anyone has ever looked when popping into Trader Joe’s for groceries?

Whenever I pop into TJ’s, I look approximately two seconds away from committing murder.

Also, file under: Sunglasses, Everyone Looks Better In.


Met Ball Well Played: Lea Michele

Maybe quitting Glee is giving me a renewed ability to appreciate Lea Michele, but this is great on her — sexy, sleek, sparkly, and above all, she’s not hiking it up to her wait to make sure she’s getting maximum exposure. See, Lea? Sometimes the foxy can stand on its own.

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