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Fug Nation’s Holiday Gift Guide 2015

At last! It’s Gift Guide Time (after all, we want everyone to have enough time to order everything they need for their festivities)! We bring you books and housewares and lots of Star Wars paraphernalia and accessories and booze accoutrement, and we hope that something here is perfect for someone on your shopping list — or strikes your personal fancy; WE DON’T JUDGE — but more than ever, we hope your holiday season is full of friendship and love and snacks. Happy holidays, Fug Nation!

PS: Our friends at GiGi New York are going to be giving us a coupon code after Thanksgiving, so stay tuned — and maybe leave anything you want to get from them in your shopping cart until then? Just consider that a word to the wise.


Fug Nation’s Holiday Gift Guide: 2014

It’s here! Our annual holiday gift guide, hopefully in plenty of time for you to order your goodies and have them arrive for Festivus. (I assume we’re all practicing our airing of grievances.) And like one of New York’s hottest clubs, this gift guide has everything: books! Bowls! Shiny objects! Things you might just order and keep for yourself! We hope you enjoy it, find it useful, and — most of all — have a very warm and joyous holiday season surrounded by those you love.

Merry everything from GFY HQ to yours!


Fug Nation’s Holiday Gift Guide: 2013

It’s the holidays, which means one thing: PRESENTS. (Well, also peace on Earth, good will toward all, mulled booze, mulling over things after consuming too much booze, wearing ribbons on your head, Various Religious-y Things And Such, and eating chocolate for breakfast, and more.) We hope you enjoyed Kim France’s gift guide, and behold: Here is our own, hopefully with enough time for you to get presents delivered by the last day of Hanukkah if that is your need. The last few years, we partnered with a company that made it possible for a portion of your shopping dollar to go to charity; unfortunately, their technology changed and we can’t implement it this year. Proceeds from sales of our Milk & Honey shoes do still benefit the Alzheimers Association, though, and of course we encourage you to support those causes near and dear to your own heart.

And as always, nobody has paid us or provided us anything in exchange for being in this gift guide — it’s just stuff we found while browsing/doing our own shopping/procrastinating heavily. There are stickers! There is meat! There are a variety of things between stickers and meat! Happy shopping, and happy holidays.


Kim France’s Holiday Gift Guide For Fug Nation

You are probably already a fan of Kim France, whether you realize it or not: She co-founded Lucky and ran it during its halcyon years, she worked for the much-missed Sassy magazine, and she currently dispenses awesomeness on Girls Of A Certain Age, which has a lot to offer no matter what your particular “certain age” is. We will still be doing our own Fug Nation Holiday Gift Guide, but for various reasons, we have not been suave enough to pull it together in time for things to be ordered, shipped, and wrapped before this year’s incredibly early Chanukah. So we turned to one of our very favorite cool people for help.

We asked La France to curate a list of some unique, covetable items that are are as groovy and highbrow as we wish we could be, and also slightly fancier than what we normally suggest. Kim’s picks follow her personal mantra of giving the gift you’d love to own, but might not ever buy for yourself — in a variety of price ranges, from irresistible to, yes, highly irrational. They make great hints for the relative who loves to splurge on you, though if you decide to lavish yourself with them, your secret is safe with us. It’s all love in Fug Nation.


Fug Nation Gift Guide: 2012 Holiday Edition

Last year, when we made up a Gift Guide, portions of each purchase went to charity — and y’all ended up raising more than a thousand dollars, just by doing a little holiday shopping. Doesn’t that rule? So we decided to do it again, scouring our browser histories and grabbing all the bits and bobs we ripped out of magazines (yes, I totally still do that) to come up with a list of gifty things we’re digging on right now — in some cases, aided and abetted by Fug Nation itself.

And again, it’s for charity. Here’s how it works, and please bear with me, because it’s worth it: Each item’s slide links to its spot on our Mulu page (or you can browse there directly if you prefer). From there, mouse over the photograph and then click “take me there” to buy that item from the merchant, and a portion of the proceeds goes to Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), an organization that is dear to our hearts because I have a wonderful, smart, beautiful niece with autism, and watching her navigate the world — and lose an incredibly important, formative relationship when her best pal, my father, passed away — really underscores the fact that the older children like her get, the tougher the world becomes for them.  It costs you nothing but two or three extra clicks, and every last cent it generates means something to a whole lot of people. Really, you’re shopping for The Children. And since Whitney Houston taught us that the children are our future, you’re therefore shopping for HUMANKIND.

Further: If you want to help out the children and families affected by Hurricane Sandy, many of whom will have to conjure holiday spirit from amid the rubble, Toys for Tots has a special donation page to help make things merrier and brighter in the blighted areas.


Fug Nation’s Official Holiday Gift Guide

We love giving presents, And let’s be honest: We also love getting presents, because, really, does anyone really legitimately HATE that? Please. If we didn’t all love receiving gifts, we wouldn’t ever give any, because so much of the point is to bring that warm “YAY STUFF! THANK YOU FOR CARING ABOUT ME!” joy to somebody else.

Last week, tons of our readers gave us suggestions on Twitter and Facebook for the items they are most stoked to give — or get — this holiday season. We mined those, mixed them with our own, and have come up with this handy-dandy way to procrastinate your December workload with a little extra online holiday shopping. The economy thanks us all.

And so might The Children: If you see anything you want, drop by our Mulu page first, find it there (we loaded everything we could from this guide onto that page, plus some pretty extras; they will ask you for the secret password — it’s “Swinton.”) and click to buy, and then a portion of your purchase price goes to charity — in our case, Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), which is very close to my family’s heart. Mulu is in beta right now, so it might be buggy, but we think it’s a neat idea. And no, we’re not being paid to say that (nor, as some people have wondered, are we being paid to put any of these items in our guide. We would never, ever do that without being up front about it; we take very seriously your trust in us). We just think it’s swell for the season of giving to involve as much actual giving as possible.