Fug File: fur


I don’t know what this coat is made of:

[Photo: FlynetOnline.com]

But I suspect a number of Muppets are suddenly feeling very unsettled indeed.


The Young and the Fugless

The last time Stacy Haiduk appeared on this site, she was at the Daytime Emmys, and brought as her date the stuffed cat her crazy Young and the Restless character used as a confidante. Since then, it was revealed that her character “Mary Jane” is actually named Patty Williams, and that she’d had face-changing surgery so she could come to town and terrorize the people who wronged her; then the doctor whose face she stole came to town to try and deal with the aftermath, and she got involved with the man Patty came to town to win back, so Patty managed to drug her and impersonate her and now she’s married to Jack and pretending to be pregnant and acting really weird and every time he’s all, “What is UP,” she has sex with him to shut him up, and that seems to work.

It would seem that all that lunacy is starting to rub off a tad:
It’s not that a giant furry wrap and black dress are that insane, necessarily, but admit it: Something about this combination, with that unkempt escaped-mental-patient hair, simply SCREAMS, “Look, people, FINE, Patty got plastic surgery to copy someone else’s face and YES she led to a bunch of deaths and FINE, OKAY, she ate a peanut-butter cookie and then kissed an allergic child on purpose, but SHE JUST WANTS TO BE LOVED AND I UNDERSTAND HER.” Which might mean its time to find a new day job.

Las Fugas

Dear Molly Sims,

You are not an Olsen. Please adjust your wardrobe accordingly.





This plea goes out to anyone in publishing: WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO BAI LING’S PROMISED TOME, NIPPLES? It LONGS to be read by….you know, at least 5-10 members of Fug Nation! Probably more! But at least by me, and by all the people who will be getting this book from me for Christmas!


[Photo: Splash News]

I kind of like that sparkly bed-jacket. I mean, not without a top. Or with shorts. Or with those creepy fur boots. Or on her. Or probably even on me. But as sparkly bed-jackets go — like, as they EXIST IN THE UNIVERSE — I don’t mind it. In fact, that may in fact be the perfect bed-jacket to wear whilst reading Nipples. IF IT EVER HAPPENS. Woe.


Fug Moss

If PETA gets mad about you wearing standard issue fur…

[Photo: Splash News]

What do they do when you’re running errands wearing a wooly mammoth? Kate better invest in turpentine futures.


Fug of a Teenage Fug Queen


[Photo by Splash]

I think I saw the recipe for this hot mess in the paper this weekend. It goes something like this:

1/2 cup Rachel Zoe
1 1/4 cups self-tanner
3 tsp sequins
Dash of essence of harem pant
1 quart Jersey Shore
2 cups Joan Collins (make sure to neatly trim all the awesome from Joan Collins before adding to concoction)
1 heaping handful of regret

Stir, cook at 450 degrees for eight hours. Serve cold, like revenge.