Fug File: fur

Destiny’s Fugild

The Other Michelle Williams is amusing me. She wore this to what the photo caption claimed was a contest to find the best bartender in the world:

[Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

She DOES look like she’s been drinking.


Fugging Up With the Kardashians



KOURTNEY: Why are you dressed like a character in a Jackie Collins novel?

KIM: That was on our call sheet for today! It’s Dress Like a Jackie Collins Novel day. Today IS Wednesday, right?


KIM: OH. Furs and Head-Scarves Day.


KIM: My bad. Well, I AM wearing fur. Don’t I look GLAM?

KOURTNEY: And I look like one of Rachel Zoe’s cast-offs. We’re always supposed to MATCH, Kim.


KOURTNEY: I hate you.


Kelly Fugland

Ever wondered how you can tell whether or not your fur is too over-size for your body?

A hint: When someone who makes her living identifying celebrities out of the corner of her eye sees you in thumbnail and mistakes you for Andre Leon Talley in a wig, YOUR FUR IS TOO MUCH.

Let’s see the rest of the look:

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The Fugover

I don’t know about you, but when I go to the movies on a rando Monday night, I TOTALLY wear this:

[Photo: WENN.com]

A kerchief, sunglasses (at night, so she can so she can keep track of the visions in her eyes — parenthetically, what on earth does Corey Hart MEAN by that? Like, have you ever really listened to the lyrics to “Sunglasses at Night”? It makes even less sense than you originally thought it did. Why do you need sunglasses to keep track of the visions in your eyes? Maybe just write them down, Corey. On the other hand, looking up those lyrics somehow led to my listening to “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight” like three times in a row, so today has not been a loss. That song RULES. It’s so dramatic, what with people killing the people in their arms with things that they said and everything.), a fur/feather vest and a giant sweater. Apparently, Heather Graham is one of those people who gets super-cold in the movie theatre. I am too, so I sympathize, but HONEY, NO.



I don’t know what this coat is made of:

[Photo: FlynetOnline.com]

But I suspect a number of Muppets are suddenly feeling very unsettled indeed.


The Young and the Fugless

The last time Stacy Haiduk appeared on this site, she was at the Daytime Emmys, and brought as her date the stuffed cat her crazy Young and the Restless character used as a confidante. Since then, it was revealed that her character “Mary Jane” is actually named Patty Williams, and that she’d had face-changing surgery so she could come to town and terrorize the people who wronged her; then the doctor whose face she stole came to town to try and deal with the aftermath, and she got involved with the man Patty came to town to win back, so Patty managed to drug her and impersonate her and now she’s married to Jack and pretending to be pregnant and acting really weird and every time he’s all, “What is UP,” she has sex with him to shut him up, and that seems to work.

It would seem that all that lunacy is starting to rub off a tad:
It’s not that a giant furry wrap and black dress are that insane, necessarily, but admit it: Something about this combination, with that unkempt escaped-mental-patient hair, simply SCREAMS, “Look, people, FINE, Patty got plastic surgery to copy someone else’s face and YES she led to a bunch of deaths and FINE, OKAY, she ate a peanut-butter cookie and then kissed an allergic child on purpose, but SHE JUST WANTS TO BE LOVED AND I UNDERSTAND HER.” Which might mean its time to find a new day job.

Las Fugas

Dear Molly Sims,

You are not an Olsen. Please adjust your wardrobe accordingly.