Fug File: foreign celebs

Fugs and Fabs: The ARIA Awards

Dear Australian Readers,

I am depending on you to fill us in on any juicy bits of gossip or info that I may have missed about some of the half-clad, lace-covered celebs at this thing. Wikipedia can take a blogger only so far! I treasure your insider intel.



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Fugs and Fabs of the Melbourne Cup

There is nothing finer than the people-watching¬†at an Australian horse race. You think Royal Ascot is doing the Lord’s work, and then you look at this and realize Royal Ascot is totally phoning it in some of the time.

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Recent Fugs: Pixie Lott

Someday I hope Pixie duets with her cousin, Sir Mix-A.

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Fugxie Lott

Wikipedia reminds me that Pixie here is a very young British singer-songwriter.

Pixie Lott

It does not yet say that she is starring as Regina George in Mean Girls On Ice, but I assume it’ll be added shortly.

(If you must know, I spent far too long coming up with punny show names that would’ve involved Katie Price, and failed abominably. My choices were Vanilla Price, Price Castles, and of course,¬†Subtle Treasures: The Katie Price Story. But Regina George won because more people know who she is — which is how she’d like it, on both counts.)

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Fug Factor: Cheryl Cole in Ralph & Russo

I really love this line, and I want more people to wear it, because some of what’s come down the runway has been stunning and so far it’s been in limited deployment.

Cheryl Cole in Ralph & Russo (2)

And so of course, Cheryl here has popped up in a really disappointing one that is not so much harshing my buzz as sanding it down to a bloody nub. That velvet chunk is incredibly awkward there, like it and ONLY it was properly fertilized and seeded.

Oh, and if you think you caught a whiff of something transparent in the skirt…

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What the Fug: Daisy Lowe

Oh, Gwen Stefani. This may be inappropriate of me to ask, but might you have a word with your stepdaughter? Because I am almost out of them.

Daisy Lowe in see-through outfit (1)

All I can muster is a bilious sting of NO WHAT STOP ACK HOSE EVIL BOO IT BURNS. Why is it opaque ONLY at her FEET? Seriously, it would have looked BETTER if she had just put on boots with her lingerie and left off the body hose. Otherwise, she is dressed as someone’s disorganized intimates drawer.

What’s more:

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Fugs and Fabs: The Michael Kors Jet Set Experience, Shanghai

The fact that this is called THE MICHAEL KORS JET SET EXPERIENCE just delights me. That sounds like it ought to be a ride at Disneyland. Instead of 3D glasses, they give you sunglasses and a spray tan and then you get to wear pretty dresses and have Kors squeal at you that you look like a brioche. I’d ride it 100 times. Also — not surprisingly, given that this event was in Shanghai, many Chinese actresses with whom I am not that familiar attended. If you have good scoop about any of them, OBVIOUSLY unload in the comments.

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