Fug File: floral

Million Dollar Fugly

From the neck up, I think Hilary Swank looks quite lovely:

Fresh, low-key makeup, simple hair, potentially interesting dress with intriguing textural elements….

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Fug or Fab: Lauren Conrad

I have come to a certain level of grudging fondness for Lauren Conrad:

In part, this is because it seems quite clear that she is NOT a total asshat. I am impressed with her for realizing that she had to escape The Hills, and for finding herself a variety of other ways to make money — her books, her fashion line, her endorsements, etc — unlike certain other douchewads who are currently living with Spencer’s parents and considering bankruptcy because they ran through ten million dollars buying things like a terribly produced dance album and a new face. It’s unfortunate that this is the yardstick by which we are measuring these things, but there you go. However, I am undecided about this frock. It’s completely lovely, I think — but it feels a bit STAID, perhaps?

I might not be totally feeling it just because I really loved what she wore to film her latest reality show earlier in the week:
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Spider Fug 3

The other day when I cracked on what Taylor Momsen might wear for Halloween, I wish I’d posted this picture, because it would be the perfect costume:

I’m sure NOTHING would strike fear into Taylor’s own heart more than seeing herself all togged up as a hostess at a Faberge Easter Egg Hunt. If only the idea had inspired a tad more terror in Bryce herself. 

Fug or Fab: The Ladies of Mad Men

CARA BUONO; Suck on THIS, Don Draper! I look hot! REGRET MUCH?!

CHRISTINA HENDRICKS: Sigh. Cara, you were never dating Don Draper. The show is a work of fiction.

ELISABETH MOSS: Suck on THIS, Fred Armisen! I look hot! REGRET MUCH?

CARA: Sigh. Elisabeth, you were never dating Fred Armisen. The show is a work of fiction.

CHRISTINA: No, that part really happened.

CARA: Seriously?


ELISABETH: You know what I hope is a work of fiction? This story about how you’re on a diet.

CARA: But the source is the Daily Mail. I wouldn’t trust the Daily Mail if it told me what my first name was.

CHRISTINA: I think you should really be more concerned about how my dress is ever so slightly upholstered.

ELISABETH: Oh, no, that’s fine. I’m ever-so-slightly made of chain-mail.

CARA: And I ever-so-slightly look like a 1970s bar hostess. It’s all good.


Fug or Fab: Keira Knightley

I DO love Keira’s expression here:

She looks so PERKY and I love the short hair. Also, I want those shoes. So I have no hesitation about giving the old thumbs up to both the very top and the very bottom of her look. It’s the middle that we need to discuss. What say you, Fug Nation? Me — I think I like it. Yes, its’ very retro, but so’s her face. (Which I mean in a way that’s not nearly as SO’S YOUR FACE as it sounds.)  I’m not in a deep and passionate amour with the waistline of the skirt — it kind of looks like a really nice kitchen tablecloth, with the unfinished edges — and I might have, like a Gap employee of yore, belted it. But overall….I’ve missed you, Kiera. You are reliably interesting, even if you are wearing a tablecloth.


Fug Money

Let’s start with the good: Katie’s face is always pretty! And her hair looks really cute.

And then there’s the rest of this. OY TO THE VEY. The Internet promisees me this is a Louis Vuitton frock, which is awkward, because I was about to bet at least ten bucks that it was a Holmes Yang design — constructed, judging by the hem, by one Miss Suri Cruise just before a much-needed naptime — as the fit is just atrocious. I mean, look, I’m happy Katie Holmes has something to do when she’s not making the occasional movie and/or miniseries and then giving a series of robotic-sounding interviews to a variety of sympathetic media sources, but I don’t understand why her side-project has to involve so many botched sewing jobs, nor how it’s possible that her personal disease has spread, like the Bubonic plague, to the house of Louis Vuitton. Does someone need to quarantine Katie Holmes, you guys?


Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fug

You may not know this, but I am very skilled in interpreting the facial expressions of celebrities:

This face says, “God, why did I do this to my bangs?”

It also says:

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