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Fug or Fab: Carey Mulligan

I love this picture:


Can you blame her? Who doesn’t love Colin Firth?


Well Played, Michelle Williams/Vaguely Hef-ly Played, Ryan Gosling

Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling

MICHELLE: Hey, Ryan.

RYAN: Michelle. Ma belle.

MICHELLE: Right, yes. The Beatles.

RYAN: I am crazy for you.

MICHELLE: Madonna. Can I play? How about, ‘Don’t stand so close to me.’

RYAN: The Police! Also, sorry. I’m just so drawn to your creamy white torso. I want to spread it on toast and take it for breakfast in bed.

MICHELLE: … R. Kelly?

RYAN: No, Ryan Gosling.

MICHELLE: Really? Since when are you so porny?

RYAN: I DON’T KNOW. I think it’s the scarf. It has me feeling so randy. Like I could drink a shot of rum out of your clavicle. And then leap into your dress, and into your secret garden…


RYAN: No, Bruce Springsteen. Well, sort of.

MICHELLE: Man, this is getting scary. I’m gonna shoot somebody.

RYAN: What?!?

MICHELLE: Now THAT was R. Kelly.

RYAN: Cunning. But seriously, I do like that dress. It’s like a painting. A painting of serenity. I can paint, you know. With my fingers. I could turn your fair epidermis into a canvas, that skin like porcelain, one pair of candy lips and your bubblegum tongue…

MICHELLE: John Mayer. Wow, I can’t believe you are quoting Man-Whore at me. Dealbreaker!

RYAN: You thought I was quoting R. Kelly before, but JOHN MAYER is your dealbreaker?

MICHELLE: A girl has to have standards. Does this stuff really work on Blake Lively?

RYAN: I never kiss and tell. But, yes.

MICHELLE: Well, congrats to you and your scarf. I hope you’re all very happy. Laughter is calling for you. Three’s company, too.

RYAN: That one is… wait for it, I know this one…

MICHELLE: It’s Three’s Company.

RYAN: Damn! You’ve bested me in this round, Williams. Well played indeed.


Fugabel Lucas

Hey, look, you guys!

[Photo: Splash News]

For Thanksgiving, Isabel Lucas is in charge of bringing back the 80s!


Well Played, Natalie Portman/Fug or Fab: Natalie Portman

Since the poster for her new movie Black Swan is basically a close-up of her made up to be the love child of Darth Maul and Cruella de Vil, I’m not surprised Natalie Portman went in this direction at an event for it:

She’s so clean and youthful and ladylike, as if she’s afraid you’re not going to nominate her for an Oscar unless you look at her and then say, “Damn, that spring-fresh breeze was the same person who carried this erotic ballet thriller? WHAT UP, BEST ACTRESS!” And yet her shoes are statuette-colored. Savvy, Portman. Savvy. Okay, maybe she just wore something she liked with some heels she’d just acquired, but I like my explanation better, mostly because I got to use the phrase “erotic ballet thriller.” 
Here’s the more grown-up look she sported at a MOMA gala:

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Million Dollar Fugly

From the neck up, I think Hilary Swank looks quite lovely:

Fresh, low-key makeup, simple hair, potentially interesting dress with intriguing textural elements….

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Fug or Fab: Lauren Conrad

I have come to a certain level of grudging fondness for Lauren Conrad:

In part, this is because it seems quite clear that she is NOT a total asshat. I am impressed with her for realizing that she had to escape The Hills, and for finding herself a variety of other ways to make money — her books, her fashion line, her endorsements, etc — unlike certain other douchewads who are currently living with Spencer’s parents and considering bankruptcy because they ran through ten million dollars buying things like a terribly produced dance album and a new face. It’s unfortunate that this is the yardstick by which we are measuring these things, but there you go. However, I am undecided about this frock. It’s completely lovely, I think — but it feels a bit STAID, perhaps?

I might not be totally feeling it just because I really loved what she wore to film her latest reality show earlier in the week:
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