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Fug or Fab: Supergirl and her new Superman

CBS slid Supergirl over to The CW to join Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, as we get closer and closer to renaming that network BerlanTV. (You just know some poor producer is weeping into a keg of coffee right now while trying to work out the logistics of a four-show crossover.) Anyway, as the shark over which it may already be jumping sharpens its teeth, Supergirl cast Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Hoechlin to play Superman — presumably just on a guest basis –and the two of them are now shooting scenes together. ET VOILA, your first look at a new Superman that isn’t the other new(ish) Superman.

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Fug Brother: Julie Chen on Big Brother 16

“Julie Chen’s wearing a red velvet wine bag,” I texted Heather last night. “All’s right with the world.”

Two seconds later: “OMG IT’S A JUMPSUIT.” I guess I am supposed to expect the unexpected.

[Photo: ME.]


Casual Fuggerday: More from the Annie Set

Welcome to your new Miss Hannigan.

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Casual Fuggerday On The Set: The “Annie” Remake

By now, nine years into our relationship (for some of you), many of you have figured out that we love Annie. When I was a kid, I had an Annie wig, and I played Annie all the time with my friends — always making myself Annie and them every other role, at which point I proceeded to cut any musical number that didn’t involve Annie. I was a dictator-director. (But a benevolent one — occasionally I would let one of them do “Maybe” under the auspices of being my understudy in need of rehearsal time.)(Yeah, I was probably a jerk.)

So, here are some shots of the latest remake, starring Quvenzhane Wallis and Jamie Foxx and Rose Byrne. It’s just bits and pieces so far, but let’s see how it looks.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News]


Fug the Interview: Kanye on Kimmel

By now you have probably heard — through the wild cackling of a thousand million Twitter feeds — that Kanye was on Jimmy Kimmel last night, bringing no disrespect to Ben Affleck. And his interview was… interesting, to say the least. Because GFY Kanye is a frequent visitor to the site, we thought it prudent to showcase a piece of our parody’s inspiration, when said piece of inspiration is en fuego. Or in his words, “It’s about truth, it’s about information, it’s about awesomeness.”

The thing about Kanye is that for all his bluster, he’s really interesting. And, I think, genuinely intelligent. I don’t think he lacks earnestness, nor compassion, nor certainly passion, and I believe he struggles with a paper-thin skin and extreme sensitivity in a way he hasn’t fully learned to handle and may not even see. And when you crown that whole cocktail with his enormous ego — the monumental self-esteem that doesn’t understand when it becomes self-aggrandizement — you get the rambling, bizarre, deludinoid Kanye who steps all over his own good intentions and sense of humor. He’s one part compelling, one part performance art, and two parts Nicholas Fehn from SNL (Fred Armisen’s character who is ALL digressions and no actual statements).

Here are the clips, from Hulu, broken into six bite-size chunks. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

Part 1: In which Kanye says he’s wearing “Ralph,” he and Kimmel talk about the origins of their epic Twitter feud, and Kanye announces he DOES NOT DO publicity stunts:

Part 2: In which Jimmy and Kimmel talk a lot about this wedding they went to, how celebrities complain about the press to other celebs all the time, and how frustrated Kanye is by the way the tabloids treat him.

There is more and it gets way better


Casual Fuggerday on the Set: The Carrie Diaries

Two things: If we are to believe that this guy is in high school, then this show is doing a real Steve Sanders job of casting; and if he’s NOT in high school, then suddenly it’s an ABC Family joint up in here.

Yet another still from the set that fails at the ’80s aesthetic. Not that I really knew what boys his age — whatever his alleged age is — were wearing in the ’80s, because I was still in love with Stefan Edberg and he only wore tennis whites. But Googling “Brad Pitt 80s” teaches me that he should be wearing this, and the Internet would never lie. As for Carrie, the shoes are again quite cute, and the print and the fact of a bow seem decade-appropriate, but not deployed quite this way. Also, is there going to be a scene where Dadshaw wonders if Carrie has sustained a head injury? Just curious.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]