Fug File: Fictional English Miniseries

Well Played, Rachel Weisz in Alexander McQueen (plus Colin Farrell)

Suddenly, I feel that we must find a part for Rachel Weisz in our fictional time-traveling English countryhouse murder/romance saga. OMG, she can totally play Hayley Atwell’s sister — that’s good casting, right? Right! Oh, right, also this dress is good.

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at Wimbledon, Part 4

The Wimbledon Celebs In the Stands coverage continues! The first bit is here; the first Wills and Kate bits are here; the next bit is here, the SECOND Wills and Kate bit is here. This particular go-round includes Colin and Posh and Samuel L Jackson and The Hems!  And also some full-on ridiculousness from Suki Waterhouse.

[Photos: AKM/GSI, Splash]


Fugs and Fabs the Dudes: The Tommy Hilfiger/Esquire Event

Because I know you want to look at pictures of hot British dudes in suits.  With bonus Cumberbatch.

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Fugs and Fabs: The British Fashion Awards

In which Stella McCartney wears something so terrible you…well, you might not be that surprised anymore. But trust me: it’s BAD. Other people look surprisingly decent. At least one person was kinda naked. So, you know: THE USUAL.

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Well Played, Gillian Anderson

And with one well-employed caftan-esque ensemble, Gillian Anderson joins the cast of thousands in my unwritten, epic English Country House Weekend Party Murder/Romance/Time-Travel mini-series:

Obviously, she plays a HIGHLY eccentric American with a wandering accent and a tendency to go on at length about aliens, a habit of informing people over and over and over again that she is a medical doctor (she is particularly experienced at autopsies!), a nasty way of NEVER believing anyone with a less than perfectly rational story, and a hang-up for some handsome but paranoid weirdo she’s left behind in the States. She is actually a somewhat irksome houseguest, but at least her dress is FANTASTIC.


Fug or Fab: Hayley Atwell

You guys know I love her. I mean, she is one of the stars of my Fictional English Countryside Weekend Party Murder/Romance/Time-Travel/Nazi Hunting/Comedy/Drama Miniseries, and I don’t funnel just ANY British celebrity into that, my most beloved but currently non-existent intellectual property. Dame Maggie Smith isn’t even in it! (That’s a lie. I just cast her as Matt Lewis’s meddling grandmother, who won’t release his trust fund until he marries someone she deems appropriate. Of course, eventually she will be won over by someone totally unsuitable, who nonetheless has refreshing moxie. Don’t worry. Although I might kill that Moxie-Having Unsuitable off in Part II: The War Comes and Ruins EVERYTHING.) But do I love this?

I kinda hate the shoes, but I kinda love the dress. I can’t help it. That color is just aces.

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