Fug File: feathers

Fug or Fab: Maggie Gyllenhaal

Yes, she has feathers sprouting from her abdomen and also she’s bracing her clutch against her waist like it’s holding her innards in, AND YET:

I kind of like this. I wish the feathers, um, emerged in a less haphazard fashion, and I wish the shoes were…other….(I don’t now what other, but something; you tell me), but overall, it’s kicky and I suspect it looks exponentially better in motion. She’s like a flapper in mourning. And if you don’t think I’d read a book called Flapper In Mourning, you don’t know me at ALL.

Please, do weigh in:

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Lady Fugga

So, this weekend, Jessica and I stumbled on a hideously bad movie on cable called Love Ranch, about the first brothel in Nevada, directed by Taylor Hackford and starring his wife Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci as a married couple (I said to Jessica, “She must REALLY LOVE HER HUSBAND”), and Taryn Manning, Elise Neal, Gina Gershon, and Bai Ling as prostitutes. What we saw of it was crazy bad — I think Joe Pesci used variations of the f-word in one speech as at least three different parts of speech, and you can see Mirren’s eyes glaze over in the middle of it — but you can’t beat the title. I’m surprised that isn’t a reality show. Except I guess it already is, and has been, and you’ve seen it as any one or many of the following: Temptation Island, Love Island, Bachelor Pad, that awful winter Big Brother season where they tried to make everyone hook up, possibly Tool Academy in parts, and whatever that show was where Tila Tequila let a bunch of people lick her on camera.

All of which is a long-winded and strange segue to this outfit:

In this, I think of her as the proprietor of the Three Musketeers’ favorite love ranch, where “All For One and One For All” has a distinctly different meaning.

But what I really cherish about this photo is the glazed look in her eyes, as if she’s thinking, “How the HELL am I going to fit this sucker in a car?”

no, really


Fug or Fab: Jessica Biel

A brilliant Fug National tweeted us that peplum + feathers = a peplume. And it’s TRUE. But is her peplumage crazy, or just crazy enough to work?

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Oscars Fug Carpet: Mena Suvari

Oh my God.

Somebody call the CDC. WHAT IF IT’S CONTAGIOUS?


Oscars Fug Carpet: Elizabeth Banks

I want to like this. I really do!

But it looks like someone was in the middle of plucking her, but got distracted and wandered off.  I guess when faced with the choice to go to the event half-plucked, or to go pluck herself, she chose the less labor-intensive option. Can’t say I blame her.


Fug or Fab: Rachel Bilson

I kind of like this:

Even if it does sort of look like a costume from the first act of the new ballet, Blue Swan Brazilian Bikini Wax,  airing tonight on Cinemax at 3:15am.