Born This Fug

Nicki Minaj. Katy Perry. Jessie J. Scores of people overshadowing her, criticism over her new single, and the fact that her people ALLEGEDLY put a stop to a Weird Al parody f one of her songs. What’s a poor, beleaguered, mid-backlash Gaga to do?

It should be no surprise to you that the answer is, “Dress like a novelty condom.” And it should be even LESS surprise to you that the OTHER answer is extremely not-safe-for-work.

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Golden Globes Post-Party Fug Carpet: Paris and Nicky

Okay, look, Hiltons:

You have GOT to realize that it’s incredibly creepy when you persist in posing as though you are joined at the pelvis. ESPECIALLY when I think I can see 90 percent of Paris’s boob. I can’t believe you are making me say this out loud, but: Please stop rubbing your sister-groins all over each other. Think of the children.


Fugril Lavigne

Speaking of someone who needs an image make-over:

Not that we were. But we could be. And she would be first on the list.


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American Music Awards Meh and Fug Carpet: Natasha Bedingfield

Now, don’t get me wrong. This is nothing AWRY about this.

She looks totally cute. She just kind of looks like she happened to pop by the red carpet on her way to a business dinner.

Like everyone else at this event, however, Natasha brought a change of clothes:

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MTV Europe Music Awards Fug: Taylor Momsen

Do you even need to see the rest of this?

I think the combination of push-up bra, dog collar, and vacant teen egocentrism says it all. But if you’re curious:

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The Pretty Reckfugs

At this point, what’s left for Halloween?

[Photo: Splash News]

Wait, I know: A clean face AND PANTS.

Fug the Cover: Dianna Agron, Cory Monteith, and Lea Michele

Don’t even get me started. No, seriously. Don’t get me started on this. Yes, GQ, the PERFECT person to shoot a cover and editorial spread about a show about teenagers is TERRY RICHARDSON, who’s recently enjoyed a tidal wave of press about how he is TOTALLY GROSS to all the underage models who are sent to him! WHAT AN AWESOME PLAN. And what is YET AWESOMER is to decide that the women on Glee should pose COMPLETELY SCANTILY CLAD as if they were washed up WB starlets angling for the cover of Maxim circa 1999.

Look, I get that GQ is kind of lad-mag adjacent and that the people on Glee are of age, but when you look at this cover and the shots inside and Dianna Agron looks like a nun simply because she’s wearing BOTTOMS, maybe we’ve crossed a PR-bridge too far. After all, when you’ve got Lea Michele making her Victoria’s Secret face on the cover in her underpants, do you ALSO need her to be eating a lollipop in her panties inside? And also eating a lollipop in her panties with her legs spread and playing with her hair? And, oh, just standing around in her panties — sans lollipop this time, but threatening to take off her top? I don’t mean to strangle myself with these pearls that I’m clutching BUT COME ON. You can be cute and you can be sexy and you can be alluring and you can still wear something other than your panties in every single shot in a national magazine, especially when the other people in the spread range from COMPLETELY (Cory) to kinda (Dianna) clothed. I don’t blame Lea Michele for this — although I have to admit that my reaction to these pictures was to say, “oh, god. She really IS unbearable.” — but I do blame SOMEONE for not saying, “hey, this show is all about how cool it is to be different and talented, so maybe our lead actress — who is crazy talented and would be even if she were wearing a zombie costume — doesn’t need to be styled like the most important thing about her is her body, just like every other anonymous sexpot in every other lad mag in the world. LET’S TRY A SHOT WITH SOME PANTS TERRY YOU DISGUSTING OLD GOAT.”

I need to go breathe into a bag now. What do you think?