What the Fug: Kate Upton in Jenny Packham

I’m not even sure you need to see the front of this.

Kate Upton

And honestly, she probably doesn’t care if you do, either, because she seems AWFULLY pleased with herself for finding something that’s cheeky in more ways than one.

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Golden Globes WTFs: The Naked Wannabes

Not all of these people deserve the crankiness of this headline. But Globes night was so REFRESHINGLY devoid of sheers, that it was exhausting to wake up after a paucity of sleep to find that several of them crashed the afterparties. Here’s the thing: When a dress is BEAUTIFUL but sheer, I at least see what the person was drawn to about it even if I can’t relate to putting in on and leaving the house. But some of these… I’m so OVER IT. YOU LOOK LIKE FOOLS.

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Fug Me Like You Do: Ellie Goulding

I was thinking the other day that Ellie has by and large graduated from her sheer phase. So… is it possible I made this happen? Am I The Fug Whisperer?

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Predictably Played: Kim Kardashian in Givenchy

I mean, it’s self-parody at this point, right?

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What the Fug: Kim Kardashian

She did this before she was pregnant, and in ripening she is the same as she ever was:

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Leaving A Medical Building

I think this outfit has finally provided an exception to the “Everyone looks hotter in sunglasses” rule. Also: Kim. KIM. ARE YOU NOT AT LEAST BORED?

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Met Gala Naked WTFs: Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez

To quote myself on Twitter: If this affair was about “perceptions” of China in the western world, then what I’m getting is that everyone perceives China as super naked. Beyonce is in Givenchy, Kim Kardashian picked Roberto Cavalli, and Jennifer Lopez is in Versace — and EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM decided that “China: Through The Looking Glass” really meant “China: Whatever, Just Look At My Ass.”

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WTF: Kris Jenner in Chanel at Couture Week

To those of you who will say, “Please stop featuring these people,” my response of choice for TODAY is: I cannot deprive Fug Nation of the chance to laugh at the unintended amusements of this person together. Because COME ON.

kris jenner see-through pants Chanel

I mean, congratulations on having those legs as a mom of six, but YOU ARE OFF YOUR TREE, YOU ABSURD PERSON. She looks like a caricature of Kim rolled in a crunchy Lagerfeldian coating and drizzled in delusion. It’s so unintentionally hilarious. What would one call the cartoon that is Kris, I wonder? I had a truly offensive Family Circle joke percolating that I won’t use, so right now I’m torn betweeen Barfield, For Jenner or For Worse, Goonsbury, or Obnoxtrot.

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