Fug File: Elle

Fug or Fab the Cover/Spread: Emma Watson On Elle, April 2014

I feel like there is a LOT of text on this cover, some of which is making my eyes cross. But if you’re going to slap the words “Smooth, Radiant Skin” up there so prominently, Emma Watson’s face is a damn good one to be right next to it, even if she IS in a denim jumpsuit.

[Photos: Elle/Carter Smith]


Fug the Cover: Dakota Johnson on Elle

If you want your cover to look like Hayden Panettiere in a dark wig, then just use Hayden Panettiere in a dark wig. We know she’ll do it.

[Photos: Elle]


Fugs or Fabs The Cover: Elle’s Women in TV

Another Elle cover, another controversy. Remember when everyone — including us — was yapping about how Melissa McCarthy was the only actress on their Women in Film cover wrapped in an enormous coat? Now the scuttlebutt is over the fact that they’ve chosen to make Mindy Kaling’s cover black and white, and closely cropped. (She says she loves it, and she might. But let’s get real: NO ACTRESS is going to come out and say, “yeah, man. Elle really f’ed that up, right?” They are always going to politely claim to love their cover.) But the truth is that this scandal is distracting us all from the fact that Amy Poehler looks drunk on hers, and the other two aren’t very good either.


Fugs and Fabs: Elle, January 2014

Let’s take a look at a whole lot of Elles — including the US one, which has an actual model on the cover, in a refreshing start to 2014.



Fug or Fab The Covers: Jennifer Lawrence on Various Media

I kind of love that InStyle took the girl on fire and effectively put her on ice.


Fug the Cover: Lea Michele on Elle

I have to think Lea Michele would’ve wished for something better than this:

It’s her big Life After Cory interview, and she looks, to be blunt, totally freaky. It’s like she’s wearing ten extremely expensive chastity chains– placed right next to a red-tinged cover line about SEXUAL AWAKENING — and then a demi-trench whose belt is flapping around and confusing things. Her hair looks greasy and stiff, like she styled with butter, the eyeliner is as if she’s been on a massive bender and hasn’t removed last Friday’s makeup yet, she looks aggressive and kind of angry rather than sultry and alluring, and worst yet, NONE of this flatters her face at ALL. She is SO MUCH cuter than this. Rather than reassuring me she’s doing well and finally revitalized after that hellacious loss, it makes me nervous that she’s about to go crackballs. NOBODY WANTS CRACKBALLS.

[Photo: Elle]