Fug File: costumey

What the Fug: Miley Cyrus

I feel like we’ve been┬áheading toward this for a while, and it’s finally here.

Miley Cyrus wears a Unicorn Onesie and holds a toy unicorn through Sydney Airport

She is officially a Miley Little Pony.

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Met Gala What The Fug: Sandra Lee In A Custom Gown

Well, Cinderella is the ultimate semi-homemade princess.

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Fugs of Leon: Lily Aldridge in Marc Jacobs

I love this picture.

This was for the Save Venice Enchanted Garden Ball — apparently Venice is famous for elaborate carnival headgear, so leave it off at your own peril — which raised $700,000 to help save the city from the constant threat of erosion. And the sight of Padma in that thing is truly marvelous to behold. I sincerely hope that is her Facebook profile picture, and if she and I knew each other, this picture would come up whenever she called me. It’s like someone tried to make Marie Antoinette out of plants.

Her dress has an unfortunate and HIGHLY questionable diamond right on her nethers, but as the clothes go, it’s Aldridge — and the wasted beauty of that glorified panty sheath — that takes the cake. And then smashes it into the floor destructively, like someone who doesn’t understand how freaking awesome cake is and that it should be respected.

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Fug or Fab: Kristen Wiig

Never let it be said that Wiig can’t surprise us:

I never thought she had it in her. Two colors AND some detail AND a bright lipstick? It’s like slept with Roy G. Biv and found it mildly pleasurable. And part of me actually feels affectionately toward this crazy thing, with its hip shroud and its nip darts and its strange drapes-like heaviness; the other part of me wants to teleport her to a simpler time when she can plot to murder someone’s ruling monarch and install her nubile young sister on the throne.


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Halloweenly Played, Martha Stewart

Halloween is coming a week and a half early, it seems, and with it, a very premature Christmas present to us all:

She looks like a Glinda souffle that just kept on rising and rising.

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Madonnaly Played: Madonna

In fairness, this is for the debut of Madonna’s latest tour.

Also in fairness, THIS IS NUTTACULAR. Madonna is only one year younger than Rose Nyland was when The Golden Girls premiered. Let THAT sink in for a while and then see if you come to the same conclusion I did — namely, “WHY didn’t this ever happen for us, Betty White?!?” Then again, she never went back to St. Olaf to be the ringmaster in the local circus, so I guess it never COULD have happened.

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