Fug File: Cannes

Cannes Mostly Well Played: Blake Lively, Continued

So far, the theme of Cannes 2016 is I Want Those Shoes.

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Cannes WTF Yay: Noted Kook Elena Lenina

Elena Lenina’s kookery is, admittedly, chiefly only “noted” in Cannes, because I’ve never seen her anywhere else. But she packs enough wallop there to last a whole year, for sure.

Elena Lenina

And this year, it’s not only antlers, but antlers that are HOLDING UP PART OF HER TRAIN. Her headpiece is also a dress-wrangler. If the Eurovision Song Contest could be distilled into one person, it would be this one.

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Cannes Fug Carpet: Kristen Stewart in Chanel

Uh-oh, y’all.

Kristen Stewart

Someone left Donna Martin out in the rain.

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Intriguingly Played: Kirsten Dunst in Schiaparelli and Chanel at Cannes

I have been DYING for someone to wear this Vintage Utensils dress ever since it hit the runway, and I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that Kirsten might do it. Of COURSE Our Lady of the Star Wars Rodarte would think to go bold.

Kirsten Dunst

And I still love this. My moment of pause comes from the draping on the top — it did that on the runway, too; it’s just cut to bunch and cling, in a way that distracts a bit from the cool vertical effect of the cutlery pattern. Still, it thrills me that this dress had its day. I want them to replicate it and sell it as tea towels, just so I can own a piece of it.

She dropped by the Vanity Fair/Chanel party in something as bright as the cutlery is unusual.

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Cannes Fug Carpet: Julianne Moore in Louis Vuitton

This crinkly, underwhelming mess was custom Louis Vuitton for the Money Monster premiere.

Julianne Moore

Unfortunately, it looks like she was attacked by a monster.

She got gold later in the night


Cannes Fugs or Fabs: Naomi Watts and Susan Sarandon

I’ve decided these two got ready together in the hotel and crawled down three bottles of Champers. I have no particular reason for that, other than thinking it’d be entertaining for all the flies on the wall. “FEEL THE BERN, NAOMI,” Susan would say, pointing sharply at Naomi with the neck of the bottle. “FEEL IT NOW OR PERISH.”

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Cannes Fug Carpet: Blake Lively in Chanel

What fabulous shoes. And what a cute maternity tunic.

Blake Lively in Chanel

And then SWEET HELLFIRE SANDWICH it’s an entire crafting aisle from Michael’s. That red jacket might, at some point, have been all right on its own, but the length and the trim give it such an ’80s feel. She’s basically wearing a parade float from a direct-to-VHS sequel called Ferris Bueller’s Day at Coachella.

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