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Emmy Awards Well Played Carpet: Kristen Wiig

Way to go, Wiig.

I was a little concerned she might win on the strength of people’s fondness for Bridesmaids, but fortunately, she didn’t — not because I begrudge Kristen Wiig an Emmy, but  because I begrudge Gilly, Target Lady, Aunt Judy, and a few others. Mostly Gilly. I can’t have that toothy miscreant getting rewarded for being so damn repetitive, and especially not that my beloved Will Forte is no longer there to scold her.

Anyway: Brown is an often overlooked color on the red carpet, and this mix of chocolate and caramel/bronze hues is really effective on her. I kind of wish Kate Winslet had worn THIS, too. Right? Anyway, I feel like Kristen didn’t get credit during either the pre-show or actual show telecasts, which is a shame because she looked great. So, here is your credit, Kristen. Not that you need it from us, or really from anyone, since I’m sure you are about to get paid bigtime to do Bridesmaids 3D or something. Just please make sure your next at-bat is not a Gilly movie. You already did MacGruber. No more dues to pay.


Golden Globes Well Played (Mostly): Olivia Wilde

There were a lot of pretty things on the red carpet — you know how much I love the color green, and it was in vogue and well-deployed — but Olivia Wilde’s dress is the one I most want to put on in my living room and parade around and maybe dangle a champagne flute from my fingers and then flop down and watch all my stories as if it’s perfectly normal to wear Marchesa at noon while having booze and a PB&J. It’s the dress that feels like it would fix all my problems.

However, she almost ruined it with the hair. I think , taking into account the presence of the bangs, a soft, low bun would’ve set off the gown much better. But it’s a minor quibble, and quickly forgotten once she lifted up her skirt and showed you her shiny surprise. And no, that’s not a euphemism: She’s wearing badass shoes.


Well Played, Leighton Meester

Sometimes a fug or a fab is all in the context — like, for instance, the way Keri Hilson going all-out for The Late Show with David Letterman seems a little off, or how Thomas Jane going barefoot to major awards-season afterparties made me wonder if he was making absinthe in his bathtub (although in fairness, if he went barefoot to Letterman, I’d also have concerns — heck, if he went barefoot to his neighbor’s house, it still might be strange, unless they are besties and he is positive that person’s driveway doesn’t have anything sharp on it).

So here, I think Leighton’s outfit struck me cute partly because, yes, I like it — there’s something pleasingly retro about the pattern and material — but also because it’s sort of sweetly occasion-apt. She’s at an ice rink in Los Angeles doing a charity shoot for Herbal Essences, so a) her outfit kind of works perfectly for the  mild-chill-adjacent weather you’d encounter at an outdoor skating rink on a sunny Santa Monica day in January, and b) her hair manages to stand out and look really great, which I imagine the Herbal Essences people very much appreciate, as the last thing you want when you make hair products is for your charity spokesperson to show up looking like she hasn’t brushed it in three weeks and is perhaps accepting rent from a small family of ravens. Even the heavy booties grew on me, because hey, she’s going ice skating. They’re like practicing for when she straps on the actual blades (which, as you’ll see, also kind of look cute with the dress). And nary a tube top nor a transparent panel in sight. Do we think this is the influence of La Paltrow? Is Leighton riding a Country Strong wave of wholesome All-American-ness? Or is she just saving up all the crazy for the Golden Globes? Weirdly, I hope both.

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Call Me Fugly

This reminds me of a scene from a movie.

Specifically, the scene — you know the one — where the heroine shows up in a nice dress, and her archrival is determined not to let her win the day, so said rival deliberately rips and ruins the outfit, but AHA, our heroine is secretly a genius and she uses a nearby table linen to preserve her modesty and everyone at the party buzzes about her avant garde fashion sense. Except in this case, the nice dress is actually a bronze bridesmaid confection that’s been worn on a deserted island for two weeks, and the table linen is actually from the stockroom of Ralph’s Rodeo Barn and Wedding Hall. Not nearly as satisfying a movie unless it’s on Lifetime, and it stars Jennifer Love Hewitt, and there is Kind Bronco-Bucking.

Well Played, Keshia Knight Pulliam

You guys, Rudy Huxtable grew up so gorgeous.

Her last two projects were with Tyler Perry, so here’s hoping she’s not in an exclusive deal, because I don’t watch House of Payne and I’d like to see her hit it big on network TV. She could rock Nate Archibald’s world on Gossip Girl, play a love interest for maybe-lesbian Kalinda on The Good Wife (that show is great, too; you think it’s going to be typical stodgy CBS fare and it’s so not), or play yet another illegitimate Walker on Brothers and Sisters. Or even add a little much-needed diversity to One Tree Hill, on which perhaps she could play the owner of the dog that ate Dan’s heart. If Tyler has her locked down, maybe there’s some wiggle room: Tyler Perry Presents: A Tyler Perry Production: Tyler Perry’s The Vampire Diaries has a nice ring to it, no?

Fug In Rome

Question: What do you get when you cross a leotard with a toga and a curtain tie?

Answer: Kristen Bell getting ready to join the Polyphonic Spree. Who, now that I see them again, really must be kicking themselves for not inventing the Snuggie first.

Fugson’s Creek

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KATIE HOLMES: I am wistful. Probably because I seriously regret this morning’s hair. Also these shorts. And these tights. With these boots. Sigh.
SURI CRUISE: I am awesome.