Fug File: BAFTAs

Well Played, Olga Kurylenko

My favorite look from last year’s BAFTAs was Burberry, and so is this very nifty one:

It’s slithery and serpentine and sexy and fabulous, and I wish it were in my life. If I can’t wear the dress, I could at least tile my bathroom floor with it, for the most disco lav in history. But mostly I just want to live in it, make sandwiches, make phone calls, type, cause the neighbors to gawk and wonder if I’ve got a head injury. The good stuff.

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BAFTAs Well Played: Oprah

I LOVE this picture:

First of all, I always love her hair like this. Second, I appreciate that she’s giving the photo pit some props — at least, it looks like she’s saying, “no, no, event photographers, it is you who are really working it. YOU.” And finally, this color (and the fit of the dress, which is Stella McCartney, believe it or not) is great on her. She, in fact, has looked great this entire awards season and I am bummed she didn’t get an Oscar nomination, if only for the potential outfits. Will no one think of the outfits?

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BAFTAs Fug or Fab Carpet: Ruth Wilson

I deeply appreciate her for trying something unusual, and I actually wish Blanchett had done this:

I’m not sure I’m feeling the metallic cummerbund, which looks like a fancy frog puffing up its stomach, or a piece of womb-armor. (That’s not speculation, by the way; just where it’s placed.) I do not care for the seams in her pants, which don’t take kindly to movement and also give this a surprisingly Geriatric Bowie feel. I DO like the hit of orange that she’s coordinated with her shoes, even if those are made of The Dastardly Plastic, and the texture of the suit is great. I’d give it an 83 percent, just enough for a B grade, but I’d also want to send her back to see what else she can do to improve her mark. Better lipstick? Stripping away the abdominal plate? Ordering pants without delusional longitude seared into them? Try it all.

For a pre-party she pulled out something that both Jennifer Lawrence (in black) and Maggie Gyllenhaal (in dress form) have worn, and it’s hideous in all three forms:

Warning: Dior ahoy


BAFTAs Fine or Fab: Amy Adams

This dress is by Victoria Beckham, and it’s…it’s fine, right?

It’s pretty enough, and her face looks great, but feels kind of like Amy’s just treading water before the Oscars. I think we’re hitting the point in awards season where all these actors (and their stylists) just want to keel over and die a little bit. Come March 3rd, Los Angeles is just going to be full of people taking naps and face-planting into a bucket of Double-Doubles. But I can’t be mad at this just because it’s a bit boring. And I can’t be mad at this trench coat at all:

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BAFTAs Fug Carpet/Other Fugs and Fabs: Lea Seydoux

I wanted her to come out and KILL IT to make up for the fact that Lea looked like a nightclub serial killer on the cover of Vanity Fair‘s Hollywood issue. Fortunately, she did deploy some good stuff before the BAFTAs, so at least that creates balance.

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BAFTAs Fug or Fab: Angelina Jolie

Brad, tuxed; Angelina, untuxed, in (Yves) Saint Laurent. Let’s discuss.

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