Fug File: BAFTAs

BAFTAs Well Played: Jessica Chastain

We’ve been talking for a while about how all the coats Jessica Chastain wears in and out of the theater for The Heiress are really great.

Well, in keeping with the “Forget It, I’m Cold” theme of the BAFTA night, she finally got a chance to deploy one on a bigger stage. And you’ll be happy to know — unless for some reason you are an anti-Chastite — that what she had on under it worked really nicely too:

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BAFTA Fug or Fab: The Dueling Diors, Part the Third

Rounds one and two went to Cotillard — in fact, round two was decisive, as you named her your best-dressed of the SAGs. Let’s see how Dior’s ladies fared in what might be their final round (will Marion even go to the Oscars?) as they went head-to-head at the BAFTAs. At least somebody thought to put them in different colors this time.

Which red-carpet Dior is your preference?

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BAFTAs Unfug It Up: Shailene Woodley

Whoops, found a straggler from the film awards. Better late than never.

Or, perhaps never would have been okay. The sweetness of the dress itself, I would maybe get behind on, say, Elle Fanning. Or maybe even on Shailene, if she’d been styled differently. But that lipstick does not go with this outfit. It’s like s someone handed her a free sample when she got out of her limo. Subtract that, and what do we have? A bulbous topknot that still might not befit the gown beneath it, although with her fuchsia mouth getting in the way it’s hard to tell. I just think this whole thing was poorly put together — either go edged-out ballerina, or go twee and girly and young, but don’t try to straddle the line or else you will just look bow-legged all night.

What would you do here? Erase and restart, or just airbrush out some styling blemishes? Be her Hindsight Photoshop, Fug Nation.

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BAFTAs Well Played, Viola Davis

This is inching toward Prom-ville, but at the last minute takes a hard left at Awesometown, of which I sort of suspect Viola Davis may be the Mayor:

The fabric could so easily be cheesy, but the pink/orange interplay is so good — so Palm Springs and beachy and fresh — that I think it totally works.  I have such a crush on her wardrobe. It’s so full of color, which is such a huge breath of fresh air when it feels like everyone else is slinking up to the red carpet in dresses so neutral they almost cease to exist.


BAFTA etc Well Played, Christina Ricci

Now that Pan Am is dead — although popping up on DVRs at random times all over America lately — Christina Ricci is right to get out there and pound the pavement for a new gig:

Double smart of her to pound said pavement looking pretty dishy, too.  She looked decent at the Elle Style Awards, too.

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BAFTA Awards Fug Carpet: Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower

“What’s that? We’re at the WHAT? THE BAFTAS? Rupurt Grint said we were going to tea at his grandma’s! DAMN YOU GRINT YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS.”