Fug File: athletes

Fug the Cover: Roger Federer on Town & Country, October 2014

I think we can all agree this cover is the best-worst thing that’s ever happened. Someone wrote — it might have been Tennis magazine — that it looks like it was shot by Wes Anderson, and that’s so apt that I wish I had thought of it first. But honestly, my most important question is: Did they just Photoshop his head onto a model’s body, or did they ACTUALLY sincerely make Roger Federer kick up a jaunty leg while dressed as the villain in a tennis musical?

[Photos: Town & Country]


Fugs or Fabs: Serena Williams

I may have notes about the outfit she worn on Letterman, but her abs just inspired me to do 25 crunches, so thanks for that, Serena.

[Photos: AKM/GSI]


ESPYs Fugs and Fabs: The Dudes

I have decided not to include Drake in this slideshow because the telecast ITSELF spent what felt like 45 percent of its airtime on his comedy bits, and all of them were 75 percent too long, and that math equals NO SOUP FOR YOU, Drake. Instead, let’s all discuss why Jesse Williams dresses his delicious hotness in catastrophic hellpants.

[Photos: Getty]


Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at Wimbledon

Oh, Becks. You look delicious in that suit. Already a good celeb turn out and we’re not even in the final rounds. I’ve got some Michelle Dockery, some Ed Westwick, a bit of David Tennant, some very dapper Tom Daley, a dash of Tate Donovan, AND MORE. Including a very pink Natalie Dormer.

[Photos; PacCoastNews, AKM/GSI, Fame/Flynet]


Fugs and Fabs of the NBA Draft

The only sport about which I have less analysis might be baseball, but I can DEFINITELY weigh in on suits. I think the basketball players beat the football players this year in terms of variety, and thank GOD Andrew Wiggins got picked first, because he brought the most sauce of all.

[Photos: Getty]


Royal Ascot, Day One: THE HATS

As always, Royal Ascot-goers bring it when it comes to the hat game. And this isn’t even Ladies Day! IT’S DELIGHTFUL. I love you all.

[All the Royals coming up next; don't worry, I would not neglect to bring you Prince Harry in a top hat.]

[Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News, Splash]


Well Played, Jubilant, Oft-Toothless Men In Beards: The Los Angeles Kings Win The Stanley Cup

The juxtaposition of the Stanley Cup and the World Cup has been hilarious: In soccer, dudes drop to the ground writhing in agony and wailing if anyone so much as breathes on them. In hockey, they get hit in the face with sticks and pucks and bleed out all over the ice and just slap on a Band-Aid and get right back out there for their next shift. Even the hockey refs do that. They must watch soccer and be like, “Are you KIDDING? WE NEVER HAD IT SO EASY.”

All the playoffs were amazing — full of breathless hockey at its very fastest and best — but the Kings-Blackhawks series and then this Kings-Rangers series gave us twelve brilliant games, and I’m almost sad it’s over. ALMOST. Because we won. Behold inside: the beards, the bromances, the gums, Darryl Sutter’s facial expressions, the explication of my Magical Haterade and why I should get the Cup for a day, and a baby sitting in Lord Stanley’s trophy.

[Photos: Getty, me]