Fug File: animal print

Fugcky Hilton

It’s a bad sign for Nicky Hilton that I saw this photo from afar and thought, “Oh, Lord, here we go, another Real Housewife of Tackyville.”

[Photo: Splash News]

It is here that I was going to write, “Then again, maybe Nicky Hilton would consider that a positive, since presumably none of the Real Housewives have to go to Thanksgiving with Paris.” But then Jessica informed me that, in fact, two of the Beverly Hills Real Housewives are Nicky’s aunts, meaning they probably DO have to go to Thanksgiving with Paris, or at least call her on the day and ask how she’s enjoying her acai berry smoothie with turkey juice or whatever. And thus there are no winners here. Sigh. I just don’t think our country can take this much tragedy. 

Well Played, Anne Hathaway and OMG PLAYED ANNE HATHAWAY

I like this.

Under normal circumstances, I’d be all, “What’s with the napkins stapled to her hips?!” and then I’d put it up to a vote and eventually we’d all come to the conclusion that the hip napkins — though random — did not overwhelm the overall attractiveness of the look. But I can’t even deal with the hip napkins because the hip napkins are nothing compared to Annie’s Halloween costume:

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Fug or Fab: Nicola Roberts

Let’s start with the close-up, this time:

Well, look: who hasn’t woken up and thought, “I wonder if TODAY is the day I get to wear my bejeweled cat-face crotch ornament?” And so rarely the answer is yes. It’s sad. So this is truly a moment of celebration for Nicola “I was in British girl group Girls Aloud that will never break in the States, but I’m loaded, so who cares?” Roberts. Let’s see the rest of it:

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Fug or Fab: Michelle Williams

We got several emails from people about this look, and almost all of them said, “I’m not sure if I OUGHT to like this, but I DO.”

I think it helps that I have grown to really like her — probably because she handled the whole Heath Ledger tragedy with such great maturity and grace, at least in the public eye, and never ended up on the cover of Us Weekly being all, “MY SECRET PUBLIC PAIN” or whatever — and also that I know the mega-blonde hair is because she’s currently filming a biopic about Marilyn Monroe, but I like this too. It’s modest without getting matronly, quirky without being obnoxious, and retro without being too overwrought. Bonus: I love those shoes.


Fugging Up With The Karfuggians

[Photo: WENN.com]

KHLOE KARDASHIAN: God, I hate it when they make me pose with you.
KIM KARDASHIAN: Why? We’re sisters? We, like, love each other, and stuff!
KHLOE: Because I’m tall. And when they put me next to you, I look like I just landed here from the Planet Gargantua, where they roll giants off an assembly line for the purpose of world domination and getting down the food processor from the really high shelf in the kitchen.
KIM: Oh. But if we don’t pose together, then how will people enjoy our kooky animalistic prints? 
KHLOE: That’s true. We went to an awful lot of trouble to look like we’re being strangled by the  home-furnishing accessories available in The Sims: Gigolo Hut.
KIM: Maybe one of these drooling people can let me use his back as a stepstool and then we’ll just crop him out and slip him $5.
KHLOE: No. I’ll just squat for a second and then run like hell.
KIM: That’s like, totally brilliant, Khloe. 
KHLOE: I know. I’m the smart one.
KIM: Really? Are you, like, sure it’s not me?
KIM: Okay! If you’re the smart one then I’m going to take your word for it that you’re the smart one.
KHLOE: And that’s why I’m the smart one.

Miley Fugrus

The caption attached to this photo noted — diplomatically if not with great historical accuracy — that Miley is sporting a “Native American-inspired look.”

[Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

And that sound you just heard was every Native American reader of this Web site vigorously typing a press release (addressed to the entire world) in which s/he makes it VERY VERY CLEAR that her ancestors DID NOT and NEVER WOULD HAVE worn leopard print leggings. and that, in fact, they reject any connection with Miley, Billy Ray, and any Cyruses to be named later.