Fug File: amfAR

Fugs and Fabs: The amfAR New York Gala

Oh, no big deal, just Iman showing all these other fools how it’s done.

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Fugs and Fabs of the Rest: amfAR Inspiration Gala

Okay, fine, I’ll say it: Not much inspiration here!

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amfUG: Natasha Bedingfield at the amfAR Inspiration LA Gala

Poor Natasha Bedingfield. I’m sure she’s still paying her mortgage with residuals from her song being the theme to The Hills, but Ellie Goulding seems to have stepped up as the new British Bleached-Blonde Purveyor Of Dance Music With Bad Taste In Clothes. That must be hard.

Natasha Bedingfield

Not that Natasha has given up trying. This effort is, in fact, strenuous and admirable. It’s flagrantly fugtacular, it’s serving up twin pancakes, it’s boxy, it’s got netting… it’s everything you’d want in picking a dress to remind people whose Throne of Ignominy it was FIRST.


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Well Played: Camilla Belle in Carolina Herrera at the amfAR Inspiration LA Gala

I am totally in love with this gown.

Camilla Belle in Carolina Herrera

I love the color. I love that, even though I’m NEVER a fan of clear plastic accessories, she used the transparent belt to give just the merest depth of shading to the gown at her waist; very clever. I love the earrings, the lipstick, the delicate bracelet, the clutch. I’m still confused how Camilla Belle manages to pull major dresses for major events when I can’t even name anything she’s been in besides 10,000 B.C. and A Relationship With Joe Jonas. But maybe big roles and big fashion work like the field of dreams, and if she wears it, they will come.

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Who Fugged It More at amfAR: January Jones in Tom Ford vs. Lea Michele in Versace

These two seem to have been the only ones who went with Nude And Shiny at the amfAR Gala, and I love a mighty duel, so why not pit them against each other? I trust everyone is holding their swords in their dominant hands, ladies. Let’s make it a fair fight.

Lea Michele in Versace

Lea’s Versace is about as basic as it comes. And if it had continued as it began, we might be throwing her in with the lightbox dump and saying, “Sure, why not,” because it would be slinky and pretty if not a world-enflamer. But that dumpy milky-tea-colored fabric at the bottom is like an admission of defeat. By someone. SOMEBODY stopped caring. Brown paper bags are for malt liquor, not legs.

January, at least, has nothing in common with Colt 45:

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Fug or Fab: Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford at amfAR Inspiration LA Gala

Gwyneth co-hosted this event, so I expected her to be in something short, or snug — basically, anything that Tom Ford could put on her that would also go Major Movie Star. And instead, she went closer to Major Movie Studio Exec.

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