I just assume this is what she wears when she emerges from her pod every morning.

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  1. Carol Hackler

    SWINTON!!!!! I have missed you!

    • Lori

      Seriously! I didn’t realize how much I’d missed her until I saw this. All hail SWINTON!

  2. Kathleen Trail

    Did you see the Swinton-David Bowie video? They are almost certainly NOT the same person: http://www.thedailybeast.com/videos/2013/02/26/david-bowie-s-new-video-stars-tilda-swinton.html

    • cb

      Kathleen – I was commenting JUST to say that – she looks so… normal. It’s disturbing (also, YAY NEW BOWIE!)

    • WhooflPomp

      But, but… I thought the video showed that they WERE the same person.

      I still think Ziggy Stardust had better fashion choices than Swinton.

    • Syrax

      Bowie is very Reagan in that video.

  3. mary lou bethune

    She looks so ultimate Swinton. I am not sure it fits well- it looks cheap which I am certain it is not.
    Isn’t Tiffany a woman on uncertain temper- she should look at her elders and betters like Swinton and Amy and Tina and just soak in their wonder.

  4. Rayna

    Gracious Goddess, you return to your people!

    But who are you wearing?

  5. Steph

    I’m wondering if I would not love this (on a lesser mortal than SWINTON, of course) without the sheer sleeves. Also, the colour of those shoes is awesome.

  6. Gigi

    That must be the haute couture version of a Snuggie. How elegant and luxurious she makes jammies look.

  7. rowynn

    I love how her shoes are always interesting. I don’t ever remember seeing her in a nude/beige pump.

  8. lola

    hmmm…. this reminds me of Miley’s awards dress,… (which reminded us of Charleze. )
    I actually think Tilda’s is much better tailored and is less snuggy than Miley’s.

  9. MelissaW

    Love the blue shoes.

  10. Sajorina

    She looks beautiful & statuesque! She’s a vision in white! Love the shoes and the rings! All Hail SWINTON!

  11. Edith

    Thank you for this. I’m so pleased to see her out and about that I’ll overlook the needlessly sheer sleeves. She is the perfect sartorial palate cleanser.

  12. psyche

    Did anyone else see that photo of Karl Lagerfeld and SWINTON together for the chanel ad? It made me so happy (like grinning in my cubicle happy) and all because of fug girls. It would be awesome if you had a “SWINTON” voice, a la Karl and Britney.

  13. AM

    She looks really good. And not just Swintonly good, but good. And I like the sheer sleeves and the shoes.

  14. Vandalfan

    If she spreads out her arms, we could project videos on her.

  15. Helen

    Simple, elegant, highlights her striking, striking face (how does anyone ever manage to look away in person?)… love it.

    As so often, I’m not sure anyone else could pull it off, but on her I think it’s great.

  16. Gabby

    Good God I lover her.

    I wish I WAS SWINTON.

    That would also mean I could frolic around in Chanel all day.

  17. Bottle Ginger

    Why did she go blonde? Her red hair was so much more striking and vivid, than this pale blonde color.

    Now, when a human of her age suddenly goes blonde, I assume it’s a reaction to gray or graying hair. Does anyone know if her species grays?

    • Helen

      I believe they do. This could be bleached platinum in the shorter parts, but I’m going with that it’s natural white:


      And truly white hair, because it has no pigment of its own (hair dyes bond to natural pigment) is very hard to color in a deep or bright shade. It can be done, but upkeep is dreadful. Guess how I know. ;-)

      I’m betting when it’s all white she’ll just rock it like that, and it’ll be gorgeous, but it probably isn’t there yet.

      • Kris

        I think it’s for a movie with Tom Hiddleston, “Only Lovers Left Alive”. They’re playing hipster vampire lovers named Adam and Eve, I kid you not. The press junket and red carpet outfits for it are going to be EPIC.

        • Edith

          The only thing that could be better than SWINTON and Bowie in a video exploring androgyny is SWINTON and Hiddleston in a movie about vampires. This idea kills me dead.

    • lilacsigil

      Actually, my grandmother was a light redhead and this is exactly the colour she went naturally – blonde/sandy with a lot of white.

  18. Ann

    I am but a mere peon in the Swinton galaxy.

  19. Anne B


    (happy dance)