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Oh, Abbie Cornish:

In Laguna Beach, they have this thing called Pageant of the Masters, which is essentially people recreating famous paintings. Not, like, re-painting them, but human beings posing to look exactly like the artworks. It’s bizarre and impression and also fun in a very Didn’t Proper Ladies Do This In Books Set in 1850? Next We Shall Play the Pianoforte! kind of way. But I’m sorry to see that Abbie here has been relegated to being the backdrop this year. Don’t they know who she is?

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Comments (19):

  1. wordphreak

    No, who is she?

  2. Julie

    Ha ha, very Arrested Development.

  3. Lina

    Ooh, the backdrop is doing her no favors. I tend to like a good, summery lightweight dress, but I do wish she’d had this tailored to flatter her body a little better. And done anything else at all with her hair.

  4. Jen

    @Julie…just thinking the same thing. Greatest. Show. Ever.

  5. Leens

    They did that in Gilmore Girls, i had a no idea people did it in real life too!

  6. slila22

    it was in vanity fair, the book, not the mag.

  7. vandalfan

    I’d love to see that parade. It sounds like the Tableau Vivant scene from The Music Man.

    Now, that’s what I’d call a dropped waistline, just low enough to provide plenty of horrid thickening around the middle. Either that or this is eleven sizes too big and was intended to be ballerina length. But who would make sun dress from a vinyl picnic table cloth? Finally: Hair. Hot Oil Treatment. Just sayin’.

  8. TonyG

    It’s way big, but, you know, I am not hating this. All those different blues are working for me, and I like the top half a lot.

  9. Kate

    …I kind of like it?

  10. The Other Molly

    She’s wearing my Aunt’s shower curtain.

  11. TheReset

    I have no idea who she is.

  12. kjb

    They also did that on Gilmore Girls. It was a classic.

  13. Annie E

    See Bright Star. You will know who she is.

  14. Francesca

    Overall, it’s nice to see a bright color and something airy, but this is very Bed Bath & Beyond.

  15. Bilbo

    That’s the wallpaper pattern in every single hospital waiting room ever.

  16. Sajorina

    Like the dress, dislike who’s wearing it!

  17. anny

    Shower called, wants its curtain back.

  18. Blanche

    My motherinlaw called, wants her gazebo picnic tablecloth back.

  19. Adriana

    Actually, I don’t know who she is. And thank you kjb, for referencing a classic Gilmore Girls episode