Stranger Than Fugtion

“Oh, this old thing? Well, I couldn’t wear the beret and the leopard minidress, right? So I just borrowed what my Great Aunt Murgatroyd wore to the funeral of her lover at the nursing home, who turned out to be slipping the Werther’s to six other ladies as well. I mean, everyone SAID Murgatroyd looked the tartiest of all of them, so… what, is this not good? Should I have worn the head scarf?”

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  1. Jamie

    You know what, I can’t blame her for this. She’s a fantastic actress and all people ever talk about is how she’s not pretty enough to be an actress. If the first comment everybody made about me was that I’m not very pretty, I’d probably be all “I’ll see you’re ‘ugly’ and raise you a ‘black satin potato sack’”. If I actually put in all kinds of effort towards looking cute and people still kept pointing out how not cute I was, it’d just make it worse.

  2. snuffy

    That milk mustache really emphasizes her lack of a top lip, not cute.

    This dress is too big and giving off Olsen vibes… if it was a foot shorter and actually fit her, it wouldn’t seem so bad.

  3. mini_pixie

    When I saw this pic I said “she’s a terrific actress, and she played the part for the milk ad, but this is how she is in real life” – which I guess is kinda good because the first half of that thought is how great an actress she is??

  4. Sophia

    @Jamie woah woah woah, who calls her ugly? She’s ridiculously pretty. I would happily walk around with that face. And also that outfit, incidentally.

  5. Willow

    She’s not ugly, she just tends to occasionally look like a rather smug baby

  6. Jamie

    @Sophia – Please don’t get me wrong, I think she’s very pretty, but after she did Dark Night, despite the fact that she was infinitely better in the role than Katie Holmes (who was like watching paint dry), I heard from so many outlets that she wasn’t pretty enough to be the romantic interest in the film. Just google “maggie gyllenhaal” and see what auto-fills.

  7. Heather

    Yes, but that’s not what we said in this post — we’re not discussing her DNA, just her outfits.

  8. Kit

    She never seems to care in the least. Sometimes she looks really great, but I truly believe it’s by accident.

    I kinda like that about her…

  9. Miss Em

    As a girl who is about her age, and who is coming to accept that she’s just NOT a fashionista or DNA-gorgeous, and maybe really just a hippie and/or tomboy at heart, I gotta give Maggie MAJOR props. Good for her for being herself and refusing to allow celebrity/fame/wealth to corrupt that!!! (BTW, this is going to serve her well as she gets older — $20 says she’s the next Helen Mirren/Sigourney Weaver.)

    Cheers to you Maggie. We love you, “just the way you are!”

  10. Miss Em

    And Sophia’s right: I’d gladly walk around with that face/figure.

  11. vandalfan

    She’s always been a knockout, but this dress is such a bad choice! If only it had been burgundy, or forest green, or sapphire blue, and throw on a long necklace. I’ll even give her the flats.

  12. maryse

    i’ve seen her in real life and she is stunning. i think she just may not like to dress up.

  13. A.J.

    @Miss Em – I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said.

  14. megs283

    Man. If I knew I’d be posing in front of a poster of me all dolled up…. I’d get all dolled up. Everything is airbrushed a bit, but c’mon! Get that hair and makeup done right!

    But then again…. this is probably just one of thousands of photo shoots and events in her life… so… does it really matter…?

  15. Libby

    Dis she stop off at a funeral before this event? That dress is nothing but 80′s style mourning. She deserves something prettier and better fitting – like that animal print number she’s wearing in the Milk ad. Meow!

  16. bdaiss

    I’d agree with the sentiment of knocking a foot off the length, and throw in changing to a higher strappier heel.

    And I don’t think Jamie was insinuating Maggie was being called “not pretty” here, as in by Jess & Heather. I think she’s saying members of the press/intarwebs have said such and this may be Maggie’s approach at the big ol’ bird to those folks.

    No matter what, good for her for being comfortable in her own skin and not caving to all the pressure. I’d rather see Maggie in something a bit frumpy than trying too hard ala so many other starlets.

  17. Rowynn

    I think that skirt length actually looks good on her, and that is something I never thought I would see. Usually, I hate that mid-calf length on everyone – it always looks dowdy and old-fashioned to me. Maggie looks good in it here, though. Some pretty jewelry would have jazzed it up a bit, but overall, I like how she looks. Love that she’s wearing flats!

  18. Zed

    I adore Maggie Gyllenhaal and I love it that she doesn’t join the try-too-hard race. I think she looks delightful, just not dressed-up actressey. And having the audacity to wear comfortable flat shoes – that’s stylish in its own way.

  19. Debutante

    She’s never been known for her fashion sense that’s for sure.

    But what bothers me about her is she always looks dirty to me !!

  20. Elizabeth Brandt

    I almost thought this was Kathleen Turner.

  21. Diana

    I’ve seen her in real life too, and I think she’s gorgeous. This outfit, however, is a fail. The dress looks huge on her, and it does not do her figure justice.

    Her make-up does not look good either. My theory is that she wears something that looks good in real life but doesn’t photograph well. It looks like mineral make-up to me – not great coverage (not that she needs it, but when you’re being photographed under the bright lights, minimal coverage doesn’t cut it for anyone) and not a great range of color.

  22. Sando

    So that’s what Maggie Gyllenhaal will look like in 30 years.

  23. Christine


  24. Cranky Old Batt

    I don’t get her.

  25. 'Mela

    Wearing a beret is an art form- if you don’t possess the personal style, please don’t .

    I am clueless as to why this woman with zero-style, mediocre acting ability, and a face like a bassett-hound, is relevant?

    • Sajorina

      ‘Mela, why do be so nasty? She may not have a great sense of style, but she’s a beautiful woman and a fine actress!

  26. sandra

    She’s dressed like the fourth-chair violinist in the Greater Sandusky Municipal Orchestra. Maggie dear, you are much to good for this.

  27. Lina

    Yeah, the second to last time I visited my grandmother, at least two of the women in the senior center were wearing dresses just like this, although not in black. Maggie, you are lovely, and also not eighty!!

  28. val.

    The dress is pretty bad, but the shoes are worse.

  29. fishwatch

    This was a missed opportunity for a dialogue.

  30. Rachel

    It’s never a good thing when a picture of you looks better than the live you.

  31. Mahastee

    Apart from the hair and shoes, I kind of love this, I feel like she’s wearing what she’s comfortable in and doesn’t feel the need to show miles of skin, like so many others. She knows she’s hot and she has the giant beret poster to prove it.

    Of course, It’s entirely possible that I am just cozying up to her in order to get to her brother.

  32. Chrissy

    The caption is completely right: this is what an 80 year old might wear. To church. In 1945.

  33. tim

    I never thought she was pretty enough to be cast in everything she is until I saw her in person at the premiere of Crazy Heart. She was breathtakingly beautiful. She just has a face that the camera lens distorts and flattens in an odd way. In reality she is delicate and fragile looking.Stunning!

  34. klaren

    This dress makes a skinny gorgeous actress look frumpy, that’s failure in my books.

  35. Sajorina

    This outfit is unfortunate and the opposite of sexy, but I like her “got milk?” ad… She looks damn sexy in it!

  36. Laucie

    I always think she will look like Nancy Reagan in a couple of decades. Her facial structure is so similar. However, Mrs. Reagan at 90, would probably find this a bit matronly.

  37. gigi

    I’m sorry, sad little cartoon turtle strikes again! fetching leopard sheath with beret or dark shapeless frock, it’s alllllll the same…. :\ feh… Maggie does land some hotties tho, so I’m guess she has magical parts

  38. X

    I’ve always had a mad crush on her, but the dress is a mess and the shoes make her feet look like fat blue corn tamales.

    She can do much better.

  39. Gina

    If the dress was just hemmed a few inches and paired with heels or hell even just the heels we’d be talking a horse of a different color all-together.

  40. Cherry

    WHY WHY WHY WHY? She is so cute, why does she insist on wearing ugly clothes? :((