Stella McFuggney

I seriously hate this jumpsuit on Stella McCartney SO MUCH I can’t even stand it:

I mean, first of all, GIRLFRIEND YOU ARE THE FREAKING DESIGNER OF THIS YOU COULD GET IT HEMMED TO A LENGTH THAT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE YOU’RE TWO STEPS AWAY FROM GETTING YOUR HEEL CAUGHT IN THE HEM OF YOUR LEFT PANT LEG, FALLING TO THE GROUND, AND CRACKING YOUR HEAD OPEN (full disclosure: that once happened to me). Phew. Okay. I feel better now that I’ve let that out. Also! In addition to the fact that it is RIDICULOUS that a designer would wear her own design without it fitting her properly — I mean, can you imagine DVF walking out of the house in, say, a wrap-dress a size too large and her boob flopping out? Because I can not — this looks like a jumpsuit they’d ask you to wear once you’ve been permanently committed to the jailhouse santitarium. Chic for making macaroni necklaces with the other inmates. OTHERWISE NOT SO MUCH.

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  1. Annie

    SERIOUSLY. What is going on with the freaking crotch???!!!!

    • Geemee

      My thoughts exactly. I’d be ok with the too-long legs if the crotch fit right. In fact, the jumpsuit would kinda almost be cute if it fit.

      • TaraMisu

        First thing I noticed!! The hell?

        And as a whole, it’s just fugly…. total fail.

  2. Alix

    A garment that fug would get her kicked out of Parsons. Yeeech!

    I so desperately want this woman to get bangs. Her forehead cries out for coverage!

    • AndersonicTK421

      Gawd, doesn’t it though?

      Related: who told people that straight down the middle (+ / – flat ironing all around) was a good look? I’m talking to you two, too Aniston and Paltrow…

      • pinkcheese

        @AndersonicTK421 – I agree that Aniston and Paltrow are major offenders, but I think it goes back much, much further than them. Just check out Stella’s own mom (and a lot of the other hot gals of the late 60s/early 70s.) Heck, my own mom used to iron her waist-length, middle parted hair. With an actual CLOTHES iron! Craziness!!

    • JaneEyre

      Agree about the bangs, which would look waaay better on her than they do on Olivia Wilde, IMHO.

    • Cee

      She and Kate Bosworth. Giant foreheads only make me stare at said giant forehead as though I’m in a trance. I’m not trying to be mean, but, it’s all I see, and I’d rather see the person.

  3. witjunkie

    But this explains so much. One of my biggest beefs about Stella Mc’s clothes is that they don’t fit on…people. So what could have been sortof cool, looks cheap and wrong because it looks like a person made it who doesn’t know the shape a body is. But she puts this on, looks in the mirror (one has to assume) and says, Yes! I look GREAT! Let’s go! Her clothes are just wonky and I have to believe it’s on purpose. Or else she can’t make clothes and no one wants to tell her.

    • Sara Benentt

      Amen! You have just summed up my thoughts about every Stella outfit ever.

  4. Alison

    Stella has a great, curvy figure. In my humble opinion this does nothing to flatter her. At all.

  5. Laucie

    That pattern is headache-inducing, as well. Other than her family celebrity status, I don’t understand why other famous people wear her not particularly attractive clothes.

  6. Lina

    She is such a terrible designer. I wanted to like her when she first started, I really did, but even after all these years, I have no respect for her work or her supposed design-sense at all. Things never fit or flatter and there’s always bits missing or flopping around extraneously or (as here) the seams fall in exactly the wrong place. It’s a sad thing that her work makes Marchesa and Versace (whom I dislike to no end) look great, because they at least know how to fit and drape a garment. Stella…just, no. No.

  7. Karen

    Blerg. That is BAD. That drop waist is doing her NO FAVORS.

  8. CJ

    With few exceptions, her clothes look like they were made by someone who failed Draping 101. Her designs always seem to be fighting the natural curves of the bodies they are on and are unflattering in the extreme as a result. Even on the runway. This is no exception. Did you see her latest show? A truly fugly collection of ill-fitting designs featuring an odd hodgepodge of fabrics, mesh inserts, weird edging….ugh… I honestly threw up in my mouth a little looking at the clothes. You couldn’t pay me to wear anything in that show, yet reported in October that “profits are up 34 percent at Stella McCartney.” How did this woman get to be a famous designer?

  9. anny

    @witjunkie, @Lina – me three. This really does explain a lot.

    Perhaps she’s clueless, or lacks taste … or maybe she has some sort of visual processing disorder. Either way, future clients have now been warned.

  10. wordphreak

    The jumpsuit is truly awful, but she looks really cute.

  11. LoriK

    It’s not bad enough that this a jumpsuit (which just, no) that doesn’t fit its designer properly (WTH?). This is what she chose to wear the the British Fashion Awards. I really think that says all there is to say about her as a designer. Her sense of what clothes are supposed to do on a woman’s body is just bad. Every now and then she accidentally makes something cute, but mostly her clothes are just “off” in a way that should embarrass a first year design student. (I agree with Alix that this mess would have gotten her kicked out of Parsons.)

    Her success really frustrates me because it’s so unwarranted and I feel like her name has allowed her to suck up attention and money that ought to be going to one of the many people struggling in the fashion industry who have so much more talent that she does.

    • vandalfan

      I believe you have hit that nail right on the head. The clothes just don’t fit. She has no sartorial talent, and succeeds on her famous name alone.

    • Lizzy

      You are so right, LoriK: remember Stella’s first solo show after leaving Chloe? It was crude and cheap. Everyone concluded that Phoebe Philo had been doing all the work at Chloe. Curiously, Stella’s adidas gear is practically flawless compared to some of her runway looks.

      And when she does make a cute dress – the polka dot ones – you can’t help feeling you’ve seen it somewhere, long ago, before.

      This jumpsuit looks good compared to the spaghetti strap degrade one in caramel (currently featuring on – check it out!

  12. Libby

    This looks like an 8th grade Home Ec project gone horribly wrong. And she’s supposed to be a designer? Not only does she look horrendous, she’s actually a walking advertisement AGAINST wearing Stella McCartney clothes.

  13. regina

    feh, fashion people. designers, self destructive posers (models), etc. sometimes i get so irritated and mad i just fall asleep. though when i had anorexia i’d faint.

    quite frankly, that outfit is like a enlarged baby pyjama.

  14. Hel

    I hope the pattern looks better in person because my eyes literally hurt looking at it. Also, why is it a jumpsuit? It could work as a separate but with the pants or the top being neutral. This pattern is way too busy to be covering someone from shoulders to hand to toes.

  15. Joyce

    I know she’s from Rock Royalty and all but geez I can’t stand her clothes. Even if this outfit was supposed to be funny or ironic or f**k you, it’s still awful. As is almost every one of her “creations.” Arrgh.

  16. Simone

    I am in the minority here but I kind of dig the outfit. She needs bangs and to shorten the jumpsuit legs though.

  17. that girl

    This jumpsuit is fugly beyond belief, but it would be enormously improved by the addition of one of those S&M looking wide black belts Selma Hayek has been wearing lately.

  18. Amalia

    As an ill-fitting jumpsuit, it is terrible; but imagine if it were well-tailored pants with a matching chiffon-y blouse tucked in with a cute belt. Perhaps with a menswear-style little vest over it. Cute, right? But this outfit is not that outfit.

  19. Carol

    This is reminiscent of the outfits worn by the minions of the Cardassian Empire on Star Trek … those aliens love migraine-inducing patterns and, as we know, just about everyone in the 22nd Century adores jumpsuits. People, this is our future!

    • ChristopherD

      On behalf of Cardassians – although they may indeed be the evil empire and other Star Trek Aliens everywhere (and the Romulan box jackets were way more headache inducing) – the hell you say!
      I defy you to show me ONE picture of someone from ST wearing a jumpsuit this ill fitting.
      You couldn’t even sell this to mental institutions, it would drive the inmates into a rage.
      McCartney is utterly talentless, this has not one redeeming feature.

  20. Alice

    She looks like a very slouchy lizard

    • anonymoose


      this is beyond dreadful.

      hair, makeup, and smirk included.

      also: get a pedicure!

  21. maxameliana

    the scary part is that this could be an upcoming trend. Remember Katie Holmes and the horrible boyfriend jeans? everyone railed against them … and then everyone started wearing them

  22. Rachelh

    I often think people jump on the “he/she only got where they were because of their famous parent” bandwagon a little too easily – but not in her case! In all the time she has been designing I have NEVER understood what the appeal is. Her clothes are uninspired, ill fitting, and bland beyond belief. I think this is a case where she is well connected, has a lot of young, famous female friends who wear her stuff because they like being part of the “in crowd”, and so the public at large buys her stuff wanting to be the same. Ugh.

  23. Trace

    Stella’s designs always leave me feeling meh, and everytime I see a photo of her she looks like she got dressed in the dark. Someone earlier said on here “How did this woman get to be a famous designer?” Well, Daddy being a Beatle and multi-millionaire must’ve helped – not everyone can get supermodels to model their designs at their fashion school end of year show!

  24. Cee

    For me, it’s a tie as to which outfit is worse: this op-art creased potato sack of the acid-trip rave dresses Gwynneth and Nicole wore.

    The whole collection is ugly. Some people can do crazy mixed prints in a genius way, but this woman can only vomit on her sketchpad and call it a collection.

  25. Groceries

    My eye just keeps going to that drop waist seam. That’s not good.

    If jumpsuits become an acceptable trend, then I will officially take my space as an old lady and give up on fashion.

    • vandalfan

      Hop up on the porch next to me and Anne B. There’ll be appletinis.

  26. Ben

    I like it – it’s unconventional. Sometimes it’s good to have something that doesn’t look like something you’ve already seen, something that challenges you, something that might not be about just another person trying to be pretty.

  27. Abigail

    Ok, but wouldn’t this look great on Charlize Theron??

    • Donna

      I agree that this particular size needs to be on someone about a foot taller, i.e. Charlize Theron or a model. Then the waist would sit on the waist, the crotch would hit at the crotch, and voila, the hem would be off the ground!

  28. Kate

    This coverall monstrosity would only be acceptable if it was worn by a employees of a chic small business in NYC, The Lady Plumbers.

  29. Mare

    get a big ass black belt, pull the waist up (the pants wouldn’t be so long), and she would be presentable. Maybe not good, but presentable

  30. Alessandra

    I could live a full life if I never saw another jumpsuit on anyone….EVER!! They should have been left in the 70′s. period.

  31. fifie

    Looks like a Hazmat suit gone terribly wrong.

  32. kindakute

    Me head hurts just contemplating this outfit. What I love about Fug Nation’s comments is that everyone is so much more funny/observant/articulate than I am. I have given up completely on Stella. This looks institutional at best. My seven year old actually does wear pajamas that are more flattering and stylish. Her smirk is just creepy.

  33. Anne B

    Hello, I’m Detective B with the Major Fashion Crimes unit. We’ve got a situation with a missing offender, yay high, about 105 pounds, blond? She’s wanted for a string of offenses involving fabric in very public settings, last seen wearing one of our standard prison jump …

    Oh. I see you’ve found her.

    Much obliged, ma’am. (hat tip)

    • Sajorina

      That MUST become a real show with you as the head writer, Anne B… Are you listening, Hollywood?

  34. Alissa

    Looks like the kind of onsie pajamas I used to put my babies in.

  35. Rachel

    I heart her father.

  36. victoria

    WHY does Stella McCartney make such unnecessarily ugly clothing that destroys the wearer’s figure? WHY does she insist on wearing her hair in those flat, center-parted, severe, unflattering styles? WHY are all her designs overworked and clumsy and harmful to the female figure?

    It’s like she’s on a one-woman compaign to create as much ugliness as she can before she dies.

    • betty

      Indeed. This has to be the single ugliest piece from her Summer 2012 collection – I just looked at it. Everything else, I might be induced to wear, if I was paid handsomely and the other option was going nekked. (The Winter 2011 collection, on the other hand, is full of glorified potato sacks and things you’d find in grandma’s washer if she died before putting them in the dryer and wasn’t discovered for several weeks). And what’s even more baffling is that she gets praise for this. I say it’s an Illuminati conspiracy. Does anyone know if the Beatles were involved with that?

  37. mary lou bethune

    Yes, bangs would help.
    How many award shows are there in the world for these entertainers and fashion people? ridiculous…. Someone ought to give Paul McC some big award for being Paul McC.

    love him

  38. yeahandalso

    um what do you expect from the woman who designed swimsuits with pineapple crotches….NEVER FORGET

  39. ccm800

    shes a hack with a beetle for a dad.

  40. Susan

    Yuckkkk that is the ugliest garment. (PUTTING IT NICELY) I have ever seen. She is not that pretty herself.

  41. Megan

    Why does she look dead?

  42. Sajorina

    OMG!, WTF?, EW! & FUG… all rolled into one!

  43. Crazy Cat Lady

    Stella: Your design lacks lacks focus, literally. You completely misunderstood the challenge. You may leave the stage. Auf Wiedersehen.

  44. Sandra

    I think this is evidence that she ALREADY HAS fallen and sustained an almighty blow to the head. TBI would explain this mess.

  45. Bob Stanley

    She would look great if she were a clown.

  46. Donna

    I’ve been astonished for years that people buy her clothes. She hasn’t put forth an original design yet. This one was obviously cribbed from a maternity prison jumpsuit, and made from the fabric they use for those gowns you have to wear at doctor’s offices.

  47. Brighty

    What’s going on with that teeny tiny pocket her left hand is in? Why is there a pocket in this jumpsuit? And why is it so SMALL? She can’t even get half of her hand in there.

    Very unusual.

  48. segf

    Merry christmas!!!

  49. ChaChaHeels

    I’m not going to ask how this woman got to be a famous designer. I’m going to ask how any design school allowed her in. I get that her mother was an heiress and her father is the least attractive and talented of all the Beatles yet still managed to rake in bazillions (listen, I’m old enough to remember that the jackass made of point of carrying pot through an airport, then cried about being imprisoned as a result–like it surprised him–so I think I know how low that IQ goes) but I can’t be the only one who feels that there is not enough money for that bribe.

    I completely understand how Jessica writes about her as if she’s yelling at her. It’s like when she “scolded” Lindsay Lohan, years ago; except with Stella, you know the yelling is futile.