Sponsored Post: Well Played, Festive Sparkly Things

In honor of the holiday season — and the fact that we all have festive parties to go to in the upcoming weeks, and (okay, yes, especially) because I am really into all things shiny and glittery, like a child or a magpie — let’s take a look at all the most intriguing SHINY we’ve seen on celebs out and about over the past month or so.  I really want one of you to wear Whoopi Goldberg’s outfit to your office bash. Please. Please do it for me.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. PB

    Can someone please explain to me how Phoebe Price continues to get invites to these things? She surely makes great sport for GFY and similar sites, but that can’t possibly be the reason. Or is it?

  2. Reg

    oh man love Jenny’s outfit and complete look! she looks so glamorous in a easy going kind of way – I heart. I do agree about the belt tho – why is a roaring tiger even an acessory???? Also, inexplicably I really like Brandy’s look but not with those shoes. A more demure shoe would have been a better choice.
    ooooh soooo sparkly!

  3. Stefanie

    OOOOOO sparkly!!!

  4. Lizzy

    Did the Jedward dudes have sparkly high-tops? (Aren’t they the ones with the silly shoes?)

    • Scouse Helen

      They have silly everything. There is something deeply disturbing about Jedward. I think they secretly want to become tax lawyers or actuaries or something but are trapped in their awful glittery self-consciously zany life. God help them.

      • Floh

        Jedward have silly bank accounts for silly actuaries and silly tax lawyers to pour over wondering how silly it is Jedward get to make their living doing silly (carefully planned) things they love rather than woking in a silly office somewhere silly. God may be helping them to have their glittery zany lives. They could walk away from public life in half an hour should they so choose to do so.

    • Floh

      Silly Jedward looking Absolutely Fabulous as always.

  5. Melody

    I don’t get Brandy’s dress either but OMG SHE IS SOOO PRETTY. How didn’t I notice before??

    • janetfan

      I know right?! I’ve always loved Brandy and think the dress is hot in a conceptual, edgy kinda way!

  6. Esme

    Tina Fey should grab her pal Poehler and check into that nursing home they seem so intent on dressing for.

  7. CakesOnAPlane

    ECuth looks AMAZING. If i received her body as a gift upon which to attach my head, that is the wrapping paper I would expect it in. (note: not intended as creepy as that came off).

  8. lori

    Kate Moss makes looking stunning seem so effortless, as though everyone else got the designer import version of magnetism.
    Can someone explain to me how Jedward’s 15 minutes of fame has stretched into years? Though on principle I have to forgive anyone who dresses like a spangly spring onion.

  9. Emily

    Kristin Chenowith is wearing my very favorite style of celebrity dress…sparkly, body-hugging, with little sleeves. Seriously, someone generally wears this sort of dress at every awards show and it’s always my favorite.

  10. Heironyms.

    Actually, I think Phoebe is wearing the Designer Importer version of this: http://gofugyourself.com/the-fugroom-2-11-2012

  11. pantsonfire

    Elisha Cuthbert’s posing is awkward, and I’m guessing she might be wearing a corset because her waist is startlingly tiny in relation to the rest of her, but that is all neither here nor there. I love her dress. Love it. I think it’s the art deco aspect of the fabric that gets me.

    I love Kate Moss’s face. I can’t help it. For me, it’s a face that could launch a thousand ships.

  12. The Fugger

    …you lead with Jedward and not Phoebe Price?

    Not the Phoebe Price that laid waste to everyone’s Fug Madness brackets nearly four years ago, and then disappeared into a puff of (fugly) smoke?

    On the other hand, yes, it’s Jedward (I knew when I had to scroll through about five pages of hair to get to their faces). On the other hand, Jedward aren’t fug legends. (They’re Eurovision legends, yes, but Eurovision is more (Not-So-)Secretly Awesome than fug,)

  13. TonyG

    Jenny McCarthy looks amazing!

    And Whoopi!!!!!!! How hilarious and fabulous (for her) is that outfit.

  14. PinkieBling

    PHOEBE PRIIIIIIIIICE! I have missed her. I’m also pretty sure she thinks she *is* Kate Moss.

  15. Susan

    The only one here that looks worthy to comment on is Tina Fey… She is adorable, cute beautiful, elegant and about 100 times more gorgeous and intelligent than Sarah Palin could ever be. She can do absolutely no wrong in my opinion. Phoebe Price, Kate Moss amd Jenny McCarthy all are in the same class in my opinion. I love Amy Adams also but she looks a little tired in this photo.

  16. Liane

    The only exposure I’ve ever had to Jedward is an appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man. I’ve heard none of their music. But I am delighted by them.

  17. Bambi Anne Dear

    KC is wearing a long skirt?
    I rather like what Brandy is wearing…..
    Phoebe is back. Where has she been?
    Love Jenny McCarthy’s dress.

  18. Bambi Anne Dear

    And xxxxxxxxx Jedward.

  19. Edith

    P-squared! P-Squared! Those earrings are kind of spectacular in their hideousness, especially given that she is also wearing some kind of half-hearted fascinator. Or is she just posing in EXACTLY the wrong spot?

    Looking at it, I don’t think the jacket she’s holding came with the dress; I think at the last minute she worried about getting cold, and pulled a shapeless gold sequined blazer from her closet of monstrosities. Neither the color nor the pattern echo the dress. And man, she is not aging gracefully. WHY, AMA, WHY did you invite her? I only ask so I can thank you. If you can retrieve the Peldons from suburban obscurity next year, Fug Nation will be eternally grateful….

    As for the others, eh. Not even in Phoebe’s league of Fug and insignificance. Who can compare?

    (Tina Fey looks fantastic.)

  20. Sajorina

    Tina Fey looks DIVINE! COVET her dress & clutch! And, Elisha Cuthbert looks FABULOUS! I love me some metallic, shiny & sparkly!!!

  21. River

    @lori The Jedward 15 mins of fame has stretched on for years because they are actually pretty talented at what they do and work hard.

    They are also the spakliest people I know!

    • Floh

      Jedward are an explosive hard working glitterfest whatever time of the year it may be.

  22. Jules

    I like me some sparkle!
    I don’t know why, but Elisha Cuthbert’s was my favorite.
    I got this strange nostalgic emotion, like unwrapping a Barbie toy in the 80′s.

  23. Jo

    Don’t tell me Jedward won BAFTAS?!