Sevignyly Played, Chloe Sevigny

You guys, can I get a ruling from the court with regards to whether or not we can consider this a skort?

Either way, someone’s on the way home from the chicest squash game the country club has seen in eons.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (25):

  1. Sandra

    Guilty as charged.

  2. Orange Clouds

    NIce shiny jumper though.

  3. Lizzy

    Shorts with mudflaps?

    • Maria L.

      I would refer to it as a “snort” – which is what I usually do when I see a photo of Lady Hipsteress.

  4. Melinda

    Absolutely a skort. (And…Keds? I feel confused.)

  5. Vandalfan

    I’ll take her bag, thanks. Swap the skort for jeans and she’ll be fine, in September or October. Well, except for that Prince Valiant headsuit.

  6. Kate

    To be honest, the only thing I can focus on are those shoes. They are blinding.

    • ¬†HelenBackAgain

      I like them! And they’re great with the bag. Coordinating without being overtly matchy.

      Sadly, the shoes and bag, while nice together, also belong with a completely different outfit. Like a tennis dress. Or something nautical!

  7. strah

    Her consistently ugly outfit choices makes me wonder if she’s trying to be “ironic” or if she really just has no idea how unflattering her choices are.
    Totally a skort,

  8. kickassmomnyc

    This is the most normal, accessible outfit she’s worn in ages.
    I think she looks great. She could use a little zhuzhing in the hair department.

  9. lindsay

    color me crazy, but i kind of think she looks great.

  10. Elbyem

    Her pose, this outfit, the backdrop, and the net-sided tote, all scream ” cruise ship boarding photographer”. As in, “I’m about to board the Love Boat, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed, that the rest of my baggage makes it to my cabin. Where’s Issac? I need a drink!” Those pedestrian old school “walking runners” will be great for slippery deck-strolling.

  11. Rachael

    Cute bag, but yeah, skort. Also, that hairstyle is wack.

  12. Carol

    She has never figured out her hair … I would wear those skorts golfing, but no place else.

  13. Janice

    The classic skort, and the only kind I would consider wearing: suitable for a day on the links and a drink on terrace afterwards.

    Does she, or does she not have golf shoes on? I can’t tell.

  14.  amys

    Chop off the sleeves and I’m on board. I’m ignoring the shoes, mind you.

  15. Leah

    Are the greasy face and lank hair also intentional choices?

  16. Sajorina

    I say YES & GUILTY!

  17. Kathleen Trail

    This web series has apparently been around for several years and yet I just found out about it… It’s a riot in case you didn’t know about it either:

  18. Claire1

    I kind of love the too white shoes and handbag.
    Makes me want to wear them with something else and go down to the country club and have a cocktail….
    and then get kicked out of the country club because I don’t even make enough to deliver the mail there…..
    but all the same….they are so 80′s John Cusack movie fabulous

  19. Erin

    She’s still got those legs, so she wins.

  20. amy

    Her irritating smugness look (whether it’s actual smugness or just her face) takes any novelty out of her outfits.