Scrolldown Fug: Willa Holland

We just checked in with Mischa Barton; now let’s see what her erstwhile O.C. co-star is up to:

The answer is, “Turning a Ralph Lauren duvet cover from Macy’s into a frame for some polterwang.”

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  1. JAM

    I know this outfit is horrible, but I keep going back to her head. Her hair is so cute!

  2.  Ashley

    Aw man, I love me a stripey halter and a bright shoe. All this had to do to be a win in my book was be a dress instead of shorts-curtains.

    • CakesOnAPlane

      I know, it was so close! I would have even taken the halter jacket over skinny pants of the same material. But the formal shorts make it a no.

    • TaraMisu

      “Shorts curtain” :D :D :D
      Exactly what I was thinking!

  3. Joanie

    to quote our dear Fug Mothers: WORDS

  4. Laurie

    Hi all! I’m sorry, this has nothing to do with this post but I have been wondering, and I haven’t seen any info anywhere: are you guys done recapping Revenge? I know it’s a terrible show and I hate-watch it too, but with twop gone I seriously cannot handle the show unless I have a good dose of snark from you. If you’re done with it, I might be too. Anyway, I’m sorry if you already sent out a notification, or if you haven’t gotten to the most recent episode’s recap because of all the royals stuff. I just thought I’d ask. Gracias.

    • Jessica

      What basically happened is that I keep forgetting to watch it and no one else seems to be watching it, either. I haven’t seen the last two weeks at all yet! Last season, this happened too, where I accidentally ended up doing like four episodes in a giant omnibus and I think that is probably what will happen again here, too! I basically can’t handle it every week anymore. It’s so heinous.

      • Laurie

        I am for sure the only person I know who still watches (although I do forward through almost all of it). I can’t decide why I’m still watching – maybe just to finally see Victoria find out that Emily is Amanda? I cannot imagine that will be worth all the time I’ve invested. Anyway, thanks for the update!

        •  Anne

          I still watch it too, mostly because I want it to fix itself I guess? No idea either. But I do hope the fugcaps continue because they’re so much fun! Although, Jessica, if you just can’t bring yourself to do it anymore, I would totally understand. :)

      • MercyMercyMe

        Mad Men>Revenge!

  5. qwertygirl

    This makes Emma Watson’s Golden Globes ensemble (for lack of a better word) positively palatable. At least hers wasn’t shorts under that apron. And while I applaud the attempt at an interesting shoe in all of this, she could have found an interesting shoe that goes. These do not go.

    •  heather

      Yes, why is it that greens are the WORST when various shades thereof are mixed inappropriately? Mint and a really yellowy forest… I JUST DIED.

      • qwertygirl

        Ugh. Yes, greens seem to be harder than many other colors when you combine different shades. Red and pink? Sure. Red and orange? Sure. Various shades of blue? Yeah, OK. But she completely missed the mark with the shoes here. As shoes they’re fine, but not with this outfit, which clearly has enough issues and doesn’t need to add “badly paired shoes” to its catalog of sins.

        •  heather

          Definitely… Though I’ve just spent literally 5 minutes wondering what color shoes WOULD work with this. Yellow? Black? January Jones’s stylist would know, this is exactly the kind of thing JJ would wear.

          As an aside, mint is a GORGEOUS hue, and I really lamented it becoming so trendy in the first place a couple of years ago because it meant it would have to go out of style, but seriously, can we put it to bed till 2032 or so please??

  6. Maria L.

    Wow. She’s giving Jon Hamm a run for the money.

  7.  Mina

    That outfit has so much potential. Sigh.

  8.  Another Katie

    That fabric is so awesome. I really wish it had been used in a better way. The shoes are great, but not with this fabric.

    I think the worst part of this the fact that this is separates. Like, if she had worn the top with cigarette pants, it still wouldn’t be great because the skirt part is unnecessary and kind of awful, but it would have been a big improvement. Instead, she wore matching formal shorts that don’t fit properly, but which might have been cute on someone else (who they actually fit) with a plain black or white sweater. Ooh, or bright pink.

  9. Tessie

    In the land of Arbitrary Fashion Rules that Seem Right to Me, plaid tafetta is an acceptable fabric for wear between December 1 and January 1. As cute as that fabric may be, it seems totally out of season in addition to the other issue of it being part of a seriously heinous hot pant/ loin curtain outfit.

    Make that into an actual dress/skirt and you’d have something on par with the awesomeness of Princess Sadface’s tartan skirt from last December.

  10. Liviania

    She’s good on Arrow, so I want better for her. Oh well, she has her hair and shoes to console her.

    •  Anne

      She wears the best dresses on Arrow. Maybe she should have asked for one of those.

  11. Kate

    I’m going to be the weirdo in the corner again going, “I really love the IDEA of this outfit…” even including the shorts, but OH HELL NO on the taffeta, in any colour or pattern. And the mint-green shoes (what?). But I could see this really working in a gothic ninja black, with some shorts that fit properly. Not everyone’s cup of lapsang, but it would be mine.

  12.  HelenBackAgain

    So it’s a thing now to make your crotch the focal point?

    That’s a thing that needs to die.

    • Val

      I don’t disagree with your point at all HelenBackAgain. However, on the plus side, at least we have no idea (from this ensemble), (1) whether or not Ms. Holland has a tatoo in that area, and (2) what her choice of personal, private grooming might be.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        Ha, or whether or not she’s wearing bubble-gum-pink underwear!

        •  Anne

          I hope the fashion industry realizes that if those are the things we worry about, it needs to stop doing these things to us!

  13.  Deborah

    Any day the Fug girls call out polterwang is a good day in my books.

  14. Kiti

    I don’t even understand what this is. Is it a dress with the skirt PURPOSELY left open to display bizarre matching tap pants? A romper with a matching overskirt?! I would find this outfit acceptable in an old 1930s backstage musical starring Ginger Rogers or Ruby Keeler or Joan Crawford as a plucky showgirl working her way up from the back line of the chorus. I seem to recall a romper-with-detachable-skirt in (I think) Crawford’s “Dancing Lady”. Otherwise it’s a NO.

  15. daphne

    pistachio ice cream colored pumps plus shiny hair and smile !


    maybe a 3-button, halter top as a waistcoat (vest) over black, raw silk (nubbly), slim skirt or pants-
    and a chunky bracelet (the Fug gals have taught me!) = yes !?

  16. Cat

    She gets bonus points for cute hair/face and having a colorful shoe. That said… the shoe clashes terribly with an already terrible outfit. I could potentially get behind the blue and green stripes (even though it totally looks like a duvet cover) but as is this outfit is terrible.

  17.  Julie

    Aw, I loved her on the OC. So much better than Marissa.

    I have literally no idea what this is, however.

  18. kindakute

    Oh and pockets.

  19.  Tamburlaine

    I must be mad, because the only thing I don’t really like about this is the way the shorts pull. Otherwise, I think it’s cute.

  20. bobelina

    I love it. The shoes might have not been the perftec choice but it’s a beautiful, original dress and she’s carrying it greatly. You guys are so harsh!