Scrolldown Fug: Julianne Hough

Like every episode of Revenge, this starts out just fine — a clean slate — and then descends into madness anew.

It’s like someone sent a white skirt through the wash with a TV test pattern. And I keep being afraid it’s secretly pants, which, if it is, I wouldn’t want to know. I don’t want to blow their cover. I will leave them to their pantspionage and go about my business and try to forget.

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  1. Sallie T

    For the love of God & all that is holy someone please get this woman an intervention!!! Look at that face — she’s a genetic Powerball jackpot winner! And yet there is some malign force at work, determined to make her look like a frumpy lunatic.

  2. lindsay

    why is this not the white pencil skirt i imagined it would be? WHY?!?

    also – shoes, what?

  3. Mouse

    And…bright yellow satin hooves. Ew.

    • Edith

      You took the words right out of my mouth. Actually, I was going with “lemon yellow,” rather than “bright yellow,” but regardless: YELLOW SATIN HOOVES. Never a good idea.

  4. Fawn

    I think if you cut this off just above the knee and put different shoes with it, I might love it. As is, nightmarish.

  5. Helen

    So foot-binding is back in? Zoom in on those feet! No, wait, don’t.

    “Pantspionage,” heh. I zoomed in on those a bunch of different ways and I think it’s a skirt with a center pleat, but… pants could be working undercover.

    Well… I like the top, anyway.

  6. Eliza Bennett
  7. Lizzy

    That orange sweater is such a good color for her. Shame the skirt and shoes are so fugly.

  8. bambi_beth

    Holly skirtballs, Batman! When I opened the page, I had a sweater, a skinny belt, and a cute white skirt that I coveted deeply. Scrolldown indeed! That’s awful! So disappointing!

  9. Other Emily

    Too bad, ‘cuz her head and that sweater look fabulous. White pencil skirt or white cigarette pants and I could be ok. NOT the shoes, though. Never those.

  10. bettymac

    Every time I see this outfit, I get a brain cramp. Because I like the parts (yes, even the shoes), just not the sum of the parts. The sweater is too Miss-Jones-of-the-Office-Typing-Pool for the skirt, the skirt would be pretty with a less structured top, or at least one of lighter fabric, and the shoes would be a cute punch of color/whimsy with a shorter, more simple dress. This outfit is like a triple mullet: business on the top, sophistication on the bottom, and funky on the feet.

  11. Sajorina

    I’ve said this before and I reiterate “Why Julianne Hough didn’t make it further in Fug Madness is beyond comprehension”!!!

    • Sajorina

      I checked and I said THIS yesterday! Yesterday! What is wrong with her?!

  12. pantsonfire

    Heh. I’m swimming against the current here, but I LIKE the skirt. I actually like everything about this until the shoes. Which are monstrosities.

    The skirt would also be cute if it were shorter, as others have suggested, but I like it as is just as well. The top goes with it in an interesting but not headache-inducing way, though if I were to wear the skirt, I’d simplify and wear a simple white or red tank (probably) and some coordinating flat sandals.

  13. Sandra

    Aw, c’mon, y’all. Can’t you see the girl is wearing a tribute to Richard Harris?
    Click here and all will be explained.

  14. Vandalfan

    Those look like Dutch wooden shoes. If the skirt was shorter, no longer than her knee, the kick pleats would work and she could go power-walking, or playing tennis.

  15. esther p.

    yellow hooves … i can’t.

  16. Bella

    I kinda like this, except those awful shoes.

  17. Jane

    I don’t get it – she’s got a beautiful face, slamming body, tons of money. With all that going for her, how hard does she work to look so dadgummed fugly Every. Single. Time.?