SAG Awards Well Played: Viola Davis


Well, Viola besting Meryl is certainly interesting vis a vis the Academy Awards, but Jean Dujardin beating out Intern George means our boy may not win the Oscar — and that’s a shame, because I would’ve loved to see the Intern George/Viola Davis roadshow pass through that press line. It’s fun seeing what Intern George looks like shoulder-to-shoulder with a woman in his own age bracket.

And why wouldn’t you want to be shoulder-to-shoulder with this one? She’s a bombshell. This is the kind of Marchesa that wooed us all in their early days — ladylike, pretty, with details that were more artful than aggressive; I’m curious if we’ll see a return to this style now that everyone finds their current designs so thoroughly ridiculous. (Did anyone catch Georgina Chapman on Project Runway All Stars, telling someone that his/her design used too much stuff? Right before I passed out laughing, I swear I saw Satan strapping on some ice skates.) Anyway, that’s not the point. The subject here is Viola Davis, and while it’s great to see her recognized for her talent, it’s also nice to have a chance to recognize her for being a super hot physical specimen. She’s glowing. Love the cleavage — it’s just enough — and love the more relaxed coif. I know she’s happily married and has a new baby and all, but how awesome would it have been if SHE and Intern George were dating? She would eat him alive. In a way he probably desperately needs. Oh well. Your loss, George; your win, Mr. Viola Davis.

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  1. kmalkovsky

    She’s so lovely, I can’t stand it. What shoes did she wear with this?

  2. Lina

    SHE looks fabulous, and I can’t help but enjoy delighted fanfic about her. I want to see the movie where she has awesome adventures throughout. As for the dress, I keep tripping over the way the gold embroidery stops just shy of encompassing her right breast. Why is there a LINE there? It’s so distracting. (Bad Marchesa, no cookie!)

  3. Liz985

    I agree that overall she looks luminous, but for me the bodice is a little too tight and plunging. Up a quarter of an inch and out a quarter of an inch and she wouldn’t look like she’s about to spill out of it. (Love the bracelet, too!).

    • katie

      I agree. I really think she looks lovely, and this was one of my favorite dresses of the night. But I just wish it was a little higher, and more of a sweetheart neckline perhaps?

      Take the cut of the top of Kaley Cuoco’s dress – which was a perfect sweetheart that fit well, and put it on this dress and I would be SOLD.

      Love her hair and makeup though – she looked fantastic and she seems like a lovely person.

  4. sharmania

    I have to agree with Liz985. I feel like if this were on someone else instead of the lovable Viola, folks would more readily complain about the too-tight bodice and the cleavage. I love Viola, but I really think the top could fit better.

    • Wendy

      I agree with Liz985 and sharmania. And I didn’t particularly like her hair here. I thought it was much better at the Golden Globes.

      • Sarah

        I too don’t really understand the raves. The dress is fine, the fit is terrible. Has Sophia Vergara taken every tailor in Hollywood? No one else’s dresses seem to fit recently.

  5. ambitransitive

    There was body glitter. I cannot.

  6. Stefanie

    She looks regal.

    Oh crap, could you imagine her a IG? She would use HIM as arm candy. Turnabout is fair play, after all.

  7. Willow

    Yay a Marchesa dress that doesn’t look like it’s trying to rip someone’s ribcage out or eat their flesh!

  8. Amy

    I loved everything about this look but the body glitter. She is too old – not that that is a comment about her age – anyone over the age of 16 is too old for body glitter.

  9. JenAjkay

    I love her, love her win, love her dress. I did NOT love the glittery bloody lotion. Viola Davis was already shining from within, furthermore, she is neither twelve years old nor dancing on a pole.

  10. Kit

    “Mr. Viola Davis” made me lol for real. :)

    I’m so glad you got ’round to doing her, she was “best dressed” at the SAGs. Not loving her hair, actually, but still; fabulousity reigns.

  11. TaraMisu

    Beautiful! I agree that the bodice could go up a size, but she is working it.

  12. aa

    i love her too, so i’m sorry but: boobs.

  13. Carolina Girl

    Ladies, get this through your heads, Intern George will NEVER choose a woman even remotely close to his own age. He’s like Wooderson from “Dazed and Confused”. He gets older, they stay the same age.
    Overall, I like Viola’s dress even though I think the bodice could be a bit higher. I think her hair and jewelry are awesome but the best thing about her whole look is the smile that says she’s happy to be where she is.

  14. AJ

    I agree so much, she would eat Intern George alive in a way he needs. He would not know how to handle it.

  15. rls

    I watched the awarrds and when she accepted, I was thoroughly distracted by the body glitter that made it look like she was sweating profusely. But I think she otherwise looks beautiful

  16. Katherine

    I too, don’t get the love. It’s fine, I guess? But I don’t like what it’s doing to her boobs. They look deflated in a way that I seriously doubt they really are.

  17. Susan

    Heather – you KILLED it with this post! And of course, I agree with everything!

  18. Julie Chase

    The boobs are much, I would like this more if it fit tighter at the bodice and a little higher.

  19. cruzilla

    I think the hair is not flattering, the girls need more support, and maybe a necklace? She just looks too naked up top.

  20. AM

    This dress makes me a bit angry. She was so good in “The Help” and looks great from the chest up. Her hair and skin are really pretty. The dress is pretty. But wtf was the designer/stylist doing? This just doesn’t fit her right. It manages to make her look both busty and pushed in. If I was a designer dressing a possible award winner, I would make sure the dress fit her to perfection.

  21. Jen

    Is that Ben Kingsley goosestepping behind her?

  22. Amber

    Love her, like the dress. I agree it could cover up just a bit more of her chest and it would be perfect. But, hey, she had to look kind of frumpy and older in The Help–maybe this is her way of saying “That’s not really me!”
    As usual, I am jealous of her skin. She just glows (and I didn’t notice the body glitter…) And now I am also super jealous of her collar bone. Way to make me feel insecure in my own body, Viola!

    • JanetP

      Yes. I cannot takee my eyes off her gorgeous skin and fabulous collarbones. Dress? What dress?

  23. TonyG

    Why are folks so particular about boobs? I really don’t know since I’m chromosome y with a gay flair, but this does not seem too tight given that so much, these days, is designed to push-up.

    On the close-up, the dress does not seem too tight up there (it doesn’t seem as if it would leave indents on her skin) and the lift it provides is due, I presume, to the crossing pattern of the upper part of the dress squeezing her boobs toward the inner part of the dress.

    If the boobs were not snug, could not someone taller than her see nipple, or wouldn’t they bounce around a lot and try to escape. Again, I don’t know much about these things, but isn’t snug better than loose in a dress like this which does not have any material above the boobs to secure things?

    I need to be educated.

  24. Genevieve

    If you want some Viola Davis and Mr. Clooney, they were together for the Newsweek Oscar roundtable: There are clips of it. She’s very chill, while George, as much as I like him, is dominating the conversation a bit too much.

    • Michelle

      This is neither here nor there, but I just have to express my extreme pleasure that Jean Dujardin won – I’ve loved him for quite some time, and it’s fantastic to see him getting some well-deserved recognition. Plus Intern George is so on my meh, go away list.
      As for the dress – I agree that on anyone else people would have been complaining about the fit – yank it up an inch and I’d be with you.

      • Miranda

        Oh thank god you exist, Michelle. I am so with you. Just on the hotness scale, if I never saw Clooney’s face again, I probably wouldn’t notice, whereas Jean Dujardin reduces me to making all sorts of mildly embarrassing comments in front of my father (“they should keep him in a cage for the GOOD of SOCIETY” “he should get his teeth insured”).

        Acting comparison is a whole other level, about which I am not qualified to speak at this time.

  25. vandalfan

    Thou shall not blaspheme here against Intern George! He’s dreamy.

    If the bodice was just a bit higher, I’d like it even more than I do now.

  26. Lori

    Her shoulders are spectacular. It’s not my favorite dress, but she looks so happy that it makes me like the whole look.

  27. Saz

    What a knock out! I agree, she looks fantastic.

  28. Sajorina

    She looked GREAT! A total FAB! Though, I never thought I’d be so intimately acquainted with her boobs… But, I’m not complaining!

  29. Miranda

    I think the thing I loved most about Viola Davis’s win was how very much it clearly meant to her. I have seen too many “Hey, guys! This…is great! I am excited! Yes! Mmhmm.” speeches and reactions and so on these past few weeks. I cried a little while she was talking.