SAG Awards Well Played: Tina Fey


Oh, Tina, you bombshell.

I thought I liked your Globes dress, but I like this way more. Red lace is so naughty for you. Jenna Maroney would burst into this shot, if she could, and sing “The Lady In Red” all up in your face. And then Tracy Morgan-Jordan (I write it that way because I can never remember which is what and they’re basically the same person anyway) would be like, “LL, I’m in trouble, I just accidentally adopted a stripper named Bea Arthur,” and hijinks would ensue.

Also, that’s not your actual thighs I’m seeing under there, right? It’s just… a satiny slip underneath an overlay, right? So I can see the contours of your legs, but it’s not, like, actually translucent or anything, right? Let’s say I’m right. Please. As Kenneth would say, “Miss Lemon, you look better than our town’s prettiest pig waxer.” And he’d be right too.

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  1. Caitlin

    She is, essentially, God. We should just accept this.

  2. Pam

    A-mazing! She was my favorite of the night.

  3. Lina

    Wow! Way to hit this one out of the park! Give that stylist a raise!

    And yes, on the full-size it’s pretty clear that it’s red lace over a red underlay, and the under-layer is clinging to her body in very flattering ways. (Can I please look so good when I’m her age?)

  4. Jeanie

    This is THE BEST she has ever looked! Great job LL!

  5. Rayna

    Oh, yeah, THAT’S what I’m talking about.

    Love her so much – great to see her look smashing as she deserves to. (Liked the GG dress, too, but this one really pops.)

  6. Jill

    This was my favorite of the night. It’s weird, on someone else like Sofia Vergara, it would be meh. But Tina’s really pulling the red off!

  7. Chasmosaur

    Loved this so much. It’s about time she figured out brown eyed brunettes look smashing in red.

    Or maybe she was just trying to put a breather between her Sarah Palin impression (with all the red wardrobe) and the red carpet…

  8. Maretha2

    Best she’s ever looked — not too skinny, great color for her, flattering hair and make-up, perfect style of dress for her body.

  9. essex


  10. Fuh Ugh

    Tina rocked it! She 30-rocked it! Best ever.

  11. RosieB

    Whoa! Now that is one gorgeous lady!

    Also: I laughed out loud at many points in that post. I love you girls!

  12. aa


  13. Kate


    I HATED her GG dress because it made her great figure look wide (strange neckline + the wings) and almost lumpy (bleh fabric). Plus her hair was weird.

    She is SO attractive that it irks me that she does not look like THIS all the time!

    I love Tina, and I want her to have the best stylist out there because she is awesome, and again, this is how she can look and so should always look when she’s not being dumpy Liz Lemon.

    LOOOOVE!!! So fantastic! And the hair and makeup are perfect! So flattering! More exclamation points pleeeease!!!!!

  14. testington

    she looked awesome, maybe best dressed of the night. I actually really want to her her reaction to people’s reactions. Because despite being a funny gal and self-deprecating she usually seems genuinely pissed or hurt when people hate her outfits.

    But just compare this to the coffee filter nightmare from last years globes.

  15. Frances

    Completely gorgeous. I hope my husband never sees this photo because his raging crush on her could evolve into something more threatening to our marriage…

  16. Shnaggi

    Beautifully played Tina…at last …we knew you could do it.

  17. Chicklet


  18. babyface

    i love her–but i always feel like she looks awful at the award shows (but looks totally hot in street clothes–which is weird, but you know, we should all be so lucky). THIS IS AWESOME though, she looks stunning. Maybe she needs to learn to wear color–all her dark outfits drag her down or something? Whatever it is; keep this up and she’ll be the funniest, smartest AND hottest chick in hollywood….and wouldn’t that be refreshing?

  19. Jenna

    First off all I just have to say… I friggin’ love Tina Fey. I mean love. She’s the funniest gal’ out there, and she just seems so nice. Like, I want to be her friend. On top of all that, she’s super cute.

    I usually really like her fashion choices. I’m thinking of last year’s Golden Globe dress, the short one. It got a lot of flack, but I thought it was adorable and fun. But, I do agree that this might be her best dress yet. It’s playful, it’s flattering and just a flat out beautiful dress. As much as Tina Fey could never do any wrong on my eyes, I need to give her some extra props for this. I hope she keeps dressing well and showing everyone out there that a funny and brilliant lady can be beautiful as well – in the non-traditional starlet way. We need more people like Tina Fey out there, and more shows that are as funny as 30 rock.

  20. mhorv4

    She looks awesome, and her hair is SO much better than the GG.

  21. Bailey

    She’s clearly Reagan-ing.

  22. mepe

    Love it! Tina took a bit of a risk here with the red lace but it really paid off. She’s never looked better!

  23. vandalfan

    I glimpsed the hem and thought “total tablecloth”, but in seeing all of it, the fit, the lining, the earrings, her model-like poise, I’m sold.

  24. Jane

    Is it just me, or is this the best thing she’s ever worn? She looks amazing. The dress is gorgeous and perfect for her, her make-up is just right, her hair is pretty…

  25. Moi

    My favorite of the night. The detail on the dress is amazing.

  26. Sarah

    nailed it!!

  27. Another Jill

    PERFECTION. Hands down best dressed, coiffed, jewelried and make-up-ed she’s ever been for an awards show, and I’d say a strong contender for best dressed at the event. Gorgeous!!

  28. Lynnie

    Fan-freaking-tastic!!! I heart Tina Fey.

  29. lc

    @Sarah: ditto!!

  30. Erin

    pretty much just echoing the sentiments of everyone else right now, but Tina Fey is a god and she looks amazing here. I love this dress!

  31. anne

    tracy morgan is a person. he is not his character. thank you.

  32. Elise

    I think this is the best I’ve ever seen Tina Fey look. She looks absolutely incredible!! And I live about 5 minutes from where she grew up so I am always very excited when good things happen to her, you know, just cuz there aren’t that many famous people from Delaware County PA.

  33. silly philly

    Yay, she looks great! The colour and fit both suit her *AND* she looks happy and comfortable in her skin.
    Now if she can steer her chum Amy Poehler in the same direction…

  34. anonymoose

    SO GOOD.

  35. Joni Woodhead

    @Jane … not just you, i think this is the best dress ive seen her in ever

  36. NYCGirl

    I don’t like the feathery things at the neckline, but otherwise, yes, well-played.