SAG Awards Well Played: Nina Dobrev


It always pleases me when Nina Dobrev shows up at a big awards show, because she is very, very talented, and very, very overlooked in the industry because she’s on a CW show, which is totally unfair (and ’twas ever thus, too; Gilmore and Buffy are proof of that). Further, when she does show up, Nina usually kills it.

And she did it again. She killed it dead. There is zero room for error in that gown, which makes it a great choice for someone genetically error-free. Everything — hair, makeup, color, accessories — is divine, and if I weren’t about to go drown my abs’ sorrows in a sandwich, I’d probably give up carbs after seeing this. (Well, no. That wouldn’t happen. But I’d talk about it for a few hours.)

Here is Nina the night before:

I like this a lot, too (it’s Matthew Williamson, and the other is Elie Saab). The whole look is a smart departure from how she looked at the SAGs themselves — that was very sleek and sophisticated and adult, and this is a lot looser and girlier and younger, without being immature. If we had Well Played Madness, she’d have a very good seed. (But we don’t, because that would burn us out. Sorry, Nice Clothes Of The World. Just trust us that we appreciate you.)

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Comments (48):

  1. Amalia

    And just to make a grandma comment on it, what fabulous posture!

  2. Sarah

    Go Canada go!

  3. Beth C.

    I loved the pink gown when I saw it. Honestly, I loved the higher necks and sleeves in general that I saw at the SAGs. Not that I mind skin, obviously, but just the whole more and more sheer and/or uncovered just to be ‘edgy’ or ‘shocking’ thing is getting old. But yeah, this was the one that said “You want mildly conservative yet still damn sexy? BAM! DONE!”

    I also love her perfect posture. I wish more starlets would observe and note how amazing it makes her look.

  4. Crystal

    I saw it on Sunday, and I was hoping you guys would praise it.


  5. Mikki

    She looks absolutely stunning! I love how she always looks so good, without falling in that trap of “more exposed skin is better”.

  6. Caroline

    That pink dress was my favorite of the entire night. Beautiful color, impeccable fit and great styling.

  7. Jen

    HOW can she be so perfect. I just… ???

    Love her! That first dress is amazing. My favorite for the night, as well.

  8. lindsay

    this is stunning. she looks 14 feet tall! well played, indeed.

    also – i totally agree with you on TVD. she’s great on it, and i love damon salvatore!

  9. Sandra

    The Williamson dress either doesn’t fit properly in the bodice or doesn’t have enough structure to stay in place without being so tight. The girls are being squished unmercifully.

  10. Momo

    I like the second dress, but I feel like she’s worn every. single. dress from that Elie Saab collection. Incidentally, I don’t like the colour on this one, and might like it more without the lace inserts.

  11. anna

    I like the pink but feel the top of it just looks like a gym top. Bit too casual for the occasion.

  12. Tamburlaine

    Wow. She also looks about seven feet tall in that pink dress, too. Well played indeed.

  13. starling

    I might be biased by my love for her, but it’s so great to finally see someone pull off a lot of “do’s.”

    See-through only in small, appropriate, flattering areas
    Floor-length without dragging
    Beautiful hair
    Perfect sparklies
    Good posture AND a smile

    Way to go, Nina!

  14. Cat

    I love the pink dress. Nice pop of color, some interesting details and overall it’s clean and elegant. She looks great!

  15. ErinE

    Her body is incredible – why are carbs so delicious?

    • Aphy

      No one is taking my carbs. I am craving a French baguette spread with warm butter. Of course, I’d also love to have that body in that dress, but considering I’m pregnant, I’ll take the bread!

      She looks perfect and graceful. Wow!

      • Steph

        I just tell myself that women who eat French baguettes, butter and cheese on a daily basis look like, well, French women. Therefore, French baguettes, butter and cheese will make us look like Nina.

  16. sasa

    That’s a great dress on her. To nitpick for a second- I would like it even more without the sea through part and perhaps with some jewelry more modern than this classic style that she’s wearing. But it’s great nonetheless.

  17. TonyG

    Genetics can be so damned unfair. I would give this a best-dressed, but I feel compelled to mark her on an upside down bell-curve where she gets demerits for looking so fab to begin with. ;)

    I’m a guy and I’m jealous of her figure. How crazy is that?

  18. Corriner

    Best dressed for sure. When she decides to pull out the stops, SHE PULLS OUT THE STOPS.

    Seriously, maybe one of my favourite red carpet looks ever. It’s perfect.

  19. Anna

    Doesn’t she kinda look like Stacey Keibler in that pink dress?

    • Erin B

      She does kind of look like Stacey Keibler there — maybe it’s the excellent posture (btw, how do I get that posture without being a dancer, b/c that ship has sailed). I think she’s a gorgeous version of a Stacey Keibler-Jordana Brewster mashup.

  20. Sylvia

    This lady can flat out dress. Even when she misses, I’m not offended. I don’t even like pink and I adore this dress.

    And yes, CW shows have pumped out some awesome talent, but because it’s the CW it doesn’t count.

  21. KateShouldBeWorking

    Nina consistently punches above her weight class. Well played, indeed.

  22. Liz

    There SHOULD be a Well Played Madness!! In August or September when we’re all bored and nothing is going on!

  23. Christy


  24. glee

    No way – she is not well accessorised. I DO NOT see Ian Somerhalder anywhere in this picture.

  25. Sara

    It’s hard to tell from the angle in this photo, but the pink dress has a weird scrunched-up thing going on that I couldn’t unsee once I saw it in another photo. But she is absolutely beautiful. I love the second dress.

  26. Elizabeth

    She’s the tallest 5’5 person I’ve ever seen!

  27. Tiffany

    I love both looks. I really love her red carpet style. She always looks stunning and never trashy. The first dress emphasizes how itty bitty her waist is, and the second dress goes so well with her hair. Love it all!

  28. Allie

    I would play Well Played Madness.

  29. Squirrel!

    STUNNING red carpet look.

  30. Sajorina

    LOVE!!! She looks gorgeous! The dress is amazing & the styling is flawless! Pure PERFECTION! One of my favorites of the night! The 2nd dress rocks my world as well!

  31. Sajorina

    Hey, Lauren Graham and Sarah Michelle Gellar were both nominated for the Golden Globes for “Gilmore Girls” & “Buffy” respectively! And, Keri Russell won a Golden Globe for “Felicity”! So, they were not always overlooked for being on the CW, but I’m amazed at the lack of appreciation from the industry for a lot of great talent in Hollywood!

  32. Anna

    YOU GUYS! Totally do the Well-Played Madness, just do it off-season, like when there’s nothing happening in the industry and you are struggling to find celebs/pix to fill your post! So…late summer? December?

  33. Ori

    Yes she’s amazingly beautiful, always impeccably dressed/styled, her hair is always perfect and really shiny and her make up tends to be appropriate/flawless. Plus she’s Canadian, GO CANADA! But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of her standing straight in front of the camera. She’s always doing some sort of pose where her top half is facing the camera but her bottom half is halfway turned sideways. I wouldn’t mind it if she wasn’t doing this in every single picture I’ve ever seen of her. Does she not have the ability to stand with her body aligned facing the camera? She does have amazing posture and I’m sure this is something she learned at some type of media training but come on, I know this is Hollywood where being anything above a size 2 is considered shameful but she’s super tall and lean, she can face the camera without looking too wide. No?

  34. Franziska

    She looks like two different people in those two pictures. She looks fabulous but she doesn’t look 24 years old in the first picture.

  35. gryt

    Is she wearing stilts under that pink dress? 8-inch platfor heels? What is going on?!

  36. Kate

    I love her. Only comment on the first look: maybe some lipstick? I just think the simplicity of the dress could’ve carried a stronger makeup look. Her face doesn’t quite pop like it usually does, and she has such a great face!

  37. queentut

    I like to imagine that Ian was off-camera and her lipstick was the casualty of some heavy snogging.

  38. Lily1214

    Like it, like it, like it.

  39. Lexie

    she’s pretty and i love love love the dress, the color looks great on her and she has excellent posture.
    but i really don’t think she’s any good as an actress. sorry.

  40. Danielle

    When I look at her in the pink/coral dress, I see Intern George jail bait. THE EPITOME OF A GEORGE CLOONEY ARM CANDY!